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Four years ago on the Internet there was a serviceshortening of references Feedback from users who registered on this content, indicate that it is really possible to earn some money here.

Earnings on the site does not require additionalknowledge, effort and time, and the amount of daily earnings for users who register on this content depends on the number of full-fledged conversions on the advertised links.

A full transition through an advertising link. What it is?

Receiving passive income is possible only withstrict observance of the terms and conditions stated on the page "Terms and conditions of cooperation". Such page is available on each site, which gives its users the opportunity to generate income. Catcut net is no exception. Feedback about the site, left on one of the partner content, deserves to mention about it:

  • the link is counted and payableOnly if the user who made the transition to the advertised link waited for the page to fully load, watched a short promotional video and managed to solve the captcha. reviews of users and partners

catcut net reviews
Users of the global network, registered on the discussed site and shared their impressions of cooperation with it, can be divided into two categories.

The first are those who report a small but stable passive income.

Most positive comments consist ofrule, out of praise, addressed to the holders of the site The responses of dissatisfied users are made in the form of censures for a meager income, and in some cases - for its complete absence.

The authors of complaints are mainly new Internet entrepreneurs, for whom earnings on clicks are the first experience of remote work.

Disadvantages of the catcut service: the opinion of users of the global network

http catcut net reviews
Why do some talk about beneficial cooperation, while others rely on low income (by the way, the lack of high earnings - not the main reason for dissatisfaction)?

Do not forget that among users there isbeginners who have no experience of earning through services such as catcut net. Reviews like "I do not advise anyone" and "very little pays" are left by novice freelancers who do not know that passive income is not created in a single day, and successful businessmen before becoming such, have collaborated with several sites like catcut, where they received very low income.

Anyone wishing to create their own idea about the work of the service in question can receive answers to their questions by visiting one of the sites participating in the catcut affiliate program.

Whence the negative?

catcut net review site
The source of the negative for many beginner Internet entrepreneurs is their own inattention and lack of experienced mentors.

And yet, the conditions are simple: money is accrued only if each next link is made from one unique computer. In addition, the person who made the transition, as already mentioned above, should completely view a small commercial (opening immediately after the page is loaded) and correctly enter the captcha.

The accuracy of the introduction of Captcha symbols is known to be checked automatically. One failed test - and reviews about the catcut net site are rapidly "rolling down".

Often it happens that a beginner, wingedthe possibility of quick earning, inattentively studying the terms of cooperation, non-compliance of which turns his activity on the site into a series of spontaneous clicks that are not payable.

Terms of cooperation. Накрутка

check and feedback about catcut net
Immediately after registration on the site, each user is given the opportunity to create their own link for earning:

  • select a page on any resource you like;
  • copy its email address and reduce it with the help of the catcut service;
  • receive a short link on the Internet (on your website or blog, on social networks or on forums).

Beginners, as a rule, place their links forearnings on personal pages in social networks. Charging payments is made whenever one of the friends or guests makes a transition to the link.

Initially, the money comes directly to the catcut website, more precisely, to the internal account of the freelancer. From there earnings can be withdrawn to an electronic wallet.

One of the types of cooperation that the offers its users, is cheating fast links. All the necessary files, according to the statement of site administrators, are thoroughly tested, and then distributed free of charge to users.

What else should the novice know about the Feedback from positively minded Internet entrepreneurs, who have long and fruitfully cooperated with this site, do not prevent some clique sponsors from qualifying catcut as "suspicious" (that is, containing dangerous viruses that violate the rules of interaction with users and some laws).

Earnings on the catcut service program

накрутка catcut net
Through a two-tier affiliate program that operates on the site, freelancers and advertisers can earn money.

By attracting new users (referrals) to the site, the referrer, if you believe the information published on one of the partner content, receives a small percentage of their earnings:

  • in the section "contextual advertising";
  • in the section "advertising in surfing."

Even if the referral involved in the system registered on the site as an advertiser, its referrer will still get a small reward:

  • from the amount spent by the referral advertiser on contextual advertising;
  • from the amount that the advertiser he attracted spent on advertising in surfing.
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