What is Selfie? Rules of successful crossbows

In 2013, the Oxford online dictionary wasa new word of Australian origin - "SELFI". In November of the same year, it was recognized as the word of the year and became widely known all over the world. If a couple of years ago in our country this term was known only to a few, today it is not used only by the lazy one. So what is a SELFI and what caused such a high interest in him? If you are not "in the subject", read and educate more!

what is selfie

Meaning and origin

The term Selfie originated from the English Self-self. This prefix is ​​used in cases when something is done on its own, without outside help. For example, myself, selfgrowth, selfcontrol, etc. However, in recent years, the word has a specific application. What does "SELFI" mean in the language of modernity? Nothing more than the beloved "self-shot", or "photo-welcome". Who among us did not sin with such pictures? Most likely, there are few of these.

The meaning of Selfie is simple - capturing oneself tocamera through a special function of modern mobile devices, a kind of self-portrait. Previously, it was done with the help of mirrors (which was considered a bad form and an indicator of the near mind), timers and camera cords. Today, for this purpose, the built-in functions of all known smartphones are most often used. The photo of "selfie" is performed at arm's length, as a rule, as a result, it turns out at an angle - slightly below or above the level of the head.

photo селфи

"Precesters" Selfi

They knew about what Selfie knew long beforeappearance and dissemination of this term. And the first such self-portraits appeared several centuries ago. Photographing their own reflection in the mirror began back in 1900, when the first cameras "Kodak Brownie" appeared. Of course, then this practice was not so widespread, but still took place. Known an entertaining incident, which occurred in 1914 with Princess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova. At the age of thirteen she made her self using a mirror and sent it to her friend, accompanying the letter with lovely lines that during her shooting her hands were shaking. Another rather famous progenitor of Selfie is a household photograph of the Odessa journalist Eleazar Langman, made in 1935. This is a creative self-portrait - a reflection in a teapot.

Of course, then to this kind of pictures giventhe term was not applied. The word "SELFI" in its modern meaning began to be used in 2002, and for the first time it happened in Australia, on one of the Internet forums (therefore this country is officially considered the country of origin of the term). More familiar to our generation of self-images appeared first in the popular in the 2000s social network MySpace, later - on Facebook and other social resources.


Selfies and popularity

Actively gain popularity "photoauthorities"steel in 2010. This was facilitated by the development of technologies in the world of electronics, in particular - mobile devices. The front camera of the IPhone 4 was improved, and the capabilities of Japanese and Korean phones were expanded, mobile photo-applications such as Instagram appeared, where the advanced youth began to post their pictures, including selfi.

Gradually, what is selfie learned andolder generation. To make it began, even such important and serious personalities as the Pope (Francis). For example, his multimillion-dollar Internet audience can easily see the photos taken by the pope, on which he is imprinted with visitors to the Vatican. There are a lot of similar cases today. Such photos are made by movie stars, musicians, politicians and most ordinary people. The main contingent of lovers of Selfie are young people of 18-30 years of age.

which means selfie

Shooting Rules

Today, you will not surprise anyone by the usual self-shot. In order to stand out and remember, it is worthwhile to adopt several rules of successful selfie:

  • treat with humor to yourself and others - make funny, absurd and even slightly shocking shoots;
  • take pictures in the company of famous personalities;
  • shoot yourself in hard-to-reach places - for example, photographer Mike Hopkins made a selfie on the background of the Earth (and what can you do?);
  • do SELFI when you are not expected from it (for example, during an important speech or uttering a toast);
  • take photos with your pets - these selfies always gain a record number of "likes" and evoke emotion even among the most serious personalities;
  • shoot the way you do selfie (mirror and second smartphone to help you);
  • observe the rules - avoid the crooked, "duck lips" and overly provocative poses (today this little inspirer);
  • shoot often and in different ways (or not?) - for example, there are known bloggers who do for months and even years (!) self in the same pose, with the same expression (at least, it is interesting to follow the changes).

These simple tips will help you do selfies,which will gain a lot of likes, comments and just cause a smile on the face of your subscribers. However, do not forget to not dive into the attractive world of self-marks and fall out of real life (unfortunately, this happens).

do selfie


If before reading this article you had a vaguethe idea of ​​what a SELFI is, now you are fully armed with relevant knowledge. Take pictures of yourself, take friends, parents, grandmothers, kittens, celebrities, random passers-by in your company - save memories, but live in the present!

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