How to put money on "Steam" through the terminal, or Purchase without problems!

"How to put money on Steam" through the terminal?"is the question that sooner or later any user of this system is asked to try out all the previous ways of buying and paying for the game.The point is that it is much more convenient to purchase an application with the built-in purse than with, say, payment by a bank card.

how to put money on Steam through the terminal

Whether everywhere?

The first underwater rock, which can berun into it, wondering how to throw money at Steam is the difficulty of replenishing the account through the terminal. The thing is that not everyone has this opportunity.

If someone has already replenished the account, say, his electronic wallet, then he is exactly familiar with the process of finding the required terminal. After all, not all support, for example, competitors.

So, the first thing to do is to answeron how to transfer money to "Steam" is to find a suitable terminal in your city. For example, Qiwi, Xolla or Payelp. When the necessary "place" is found, go to the desired point and proceed to the process.

What you need to know

So that you can understand how to putmoney for "Steam" through the terminal, you need to know some things. More precisely, the data. So, for example, the mandatory step is the introduction of your mobile phone number when replenishing the account of "Steam".

how to throw money on Steam

So remember that you need a mobile phonebe linked to an account. Of course, this is necessary in order to confirm ownership and exclude you from the list of possible scammers. Also, to recharge your account, you must remember your account. More precisely, his login.

In order to begin the replenishment process, youit is necessary, as already mentioned, to find the necessary terminal for replenishment first. After that, the process will resemble something "throwing" money on a mobile phone. In payments, you need to find Steam. It is best to use the "search" for available services.

When you select Steam, you will need toenter your account information. Do not confuse it with the id-player. The login that the system requires is the name displayed in the upper right corner of the Steam Client. When you type it, click "Next".

Now you need to enter your mobilephone. After that, click "Next" again. Make the necessary amount and continue the process. Take the check and go home - in about an hour the money will be credited to your account. Now you know how to put money on Steam through the terminal.

Underwater rocks

Now it's time to talk about whichThere can be unpleasant moments when replenishing the account "Steam" through the payment terminal. The most common mistake is the replenishment of the "wrong" account. The fact is that you need to correctly "score" your login, so that the money amount has come to him. One erroneous letter - and all was lost.

Also very often users confuse their id withname of your account. In this case, you can not continue the payment - you will get an error. The best way is to write down your nickname on a piece of paper and carry it with you.

how to transfer money to Steam

If there is no link to the phone, you can also run into a failure when paying. The system will not be able to verify the accuracy of the information entered, which will not allow replenishment of the account.

Another problem that arises when the question is: "How to put money on Steam" through the terminal? " - this, of course, is the search for a suitable terminal. Unfortunately, so far this function is available only for several companies. So try to look after the search in advance, so as not to waste time.

It is also worth remembering that payment terminals often take a certain percentage of the transaction. Remember that you need to put an amount that is slightly higher than the one that is actually required.


Thus, today we have learned what difficultiescan wait for you, if you decide to replenish the account "Steam" -wallets with the help of the terminal. If you're afraid that you will not succeed or try unsuccessfully to do it already, it's best to use other ways of replenishing and buying on Steam.

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