Do not come letters to the mail "Yandex" - what to do?

From time to time, users complain thatthey do not receive letters to the Yandex mail. Why can this happen? How to deal with this problem? Is everything as dangerous as it seems at first glance? Reply to all this is further. In fact, there can be a lot of problems. But you should not panic. Most situations are resolved without much difficulty.

Network Failure

Why do not I receive letters to the Yandex mail? The whole thing can be covered in the most common system failure of this service. It does not depend on the user. Occurs because of a main server overload or when upgrading.

do not receive letters to Yandex mail

If a network fails, some users mayletters come, and some do not. There are also problems with sending messages. To be frightened it is not necessary. It's enough just to wait a bit. As soon as network failures and malfunctions are corrected, the mail will begin to work in full force.


But this is not the most common problem. Do not come letters to the mail "Yandex"? Most often, in fact, messages reach the user's box. Just put all the letters are not in the "Inbox", and in the folder "Spam."

If you expect to receive a message, butit does not come for a long time, it is recommended to check the specified folder. Most likely, there will be a lost letter. Quite common phenomenon, related to the settings and filters of e-mail.

So it is advisable to check the folder "Spam" beforehand. As practice shows, half of users stop complaining about the arising problem. But this is not all the options for the development of events. There is one more reason why Yandex mail does not come.

Do not come to Yandex mail with gmail


It is likely that from certain domains oraddresses of the message will not reach the recipient. And it is not necessary to have mail on "Yandex", the problem can occur with any hosting. The reason lies in the automatic settings of the service, which include the blocking of certain letters.

In this case it is recommended to write intechnical support of "Yandex". Although many users advise simply to get yourself a mail on another hosting. Removing the lock is not an easy task. But you can try to solve the situation on your own. Do not come letters to the mail "Yandex" with GMail? It is enough to try to work a little with filters. Maybe it will be easy to remove the lock.

Working with filters

If the messages from some user are placed in the "Spam" folder or do not arrive to the user, it is recommended to enable the security filter settings in "Yandex". How to do it?

It is enough to follow the instructions:

  1. Pass authorization in the mail. Then go to "Settings".
  2. Select "Mail Processing Rules" in the menu that appears.
  3. Go to the "White list" section and type the necessary sender address in the corresponding window.
  4. Click on "Add".

Since then, contacts from the "White List" will not be placed in the "Spam" folder. And they also will not become forbidden to be recognized. It is clear what to do if letters do not come to the Yandex mail.

why do not the letters come to Yandex mail


But that is not all. Sometimes the reason for the fact that letters do not come to this or that mail is a banal overflow of data. Each service has its own limit of incoming and outgoing documents. It is likely that it is exhausted.

It's enough just to clear the mail from the accumulated letters. After that, you do not have to think about why the Yandex mail does not come.

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