Referrals are who? How and why attract referrals

Among the many ways to earn money inInternet projects with referral programs have gained special popularity. They allow not only to untwist young sites and blogs, but also to provide themselves with a stable passive income for a long time. In this article, you will learn what a referral program is, who are referrals and how to earn them.

What is a referral program

At its core, the referral program is very similaron the financial pyramid, where referrers and referrals are its participants. The main difference is that you do not need to invest your own money in the project, but actively work, fulfill the conditions and invite new participants.

By creating websites based on referral programs, webmasters greatly simplify the optimization process. After all, users will be engaged in promotion, actively inviting new visitors.

Nevertheless, referral programs are beneficialthe founders of the project, and its participants. After all, the more active users, the more potential advertisers become and the budget increases. And active referrals are the main engine of an Internet project and a way to earn money for referrers.

Who are referrals and referrers

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Referrals are participants of the referral program who registered in it by invitation. The person who invites the referral is called the referrer.

An active referral is a participant who does notonly earns on the project, but also invites new users into his team. Active members are capable of generating huge profits for both referrers and the system itself. For example, a user of an active advertising service (bux) per day can earn a maximum of 1-2 dollars per view of advertising pages. But if he invites a few dozen referrals who will also view advertising, then his earnings will increase several times. After all, for each attracted user, the box office pays out money and a percentage of its work.

Examples of referral programs

Referral programs can be found in manyInternet projects. For example, the most popular bookset runet Seosprint, referrals which can bring their referrers a good income. The main thing is to show daily activity, view advertising pages and perform tasks. You also need to help ensure that every referral earns every day.

referrals are clients who

"Warfyus" - a well-known online game, which alsohas a referral program. And in it, too, you can earn. To participate in the project it is enough to register an interested referral on a special link. "Warfyus" is a multi-level game in which to move on and receive bonuses is possible only with the involvement of new people.

You can earn on referrals also on websitesReviews, where everyone wants to share their opinions about purchases and services. Referrer on this site has the opportunity to receive 15% of the earnings of referrals. With an active invitation of people, you can not even write your own reviews, but simply receive passive income from the work of participants.

How to attract referrals

In order for the referral to come to the project, he must register via the referral link. You can distribute this link absolutely free of charge in several ways:

  • Through social networks (create a group or send a link with an invitation to all friends).
  • Through forums about earnings on the Internet.
  • Through the boards of free ads.
  • Through a personal blog or website about earnings on the network (on a free hosting).

The main thing is that the distribution of the link is notit looked like senseless spam. With the right and unobtrusive approach, people who want to earn on the Internet, will be happy to register by invitation.

However, for earnings on the referral programnot just registration. It is necessary that invited users show daily activity. After all, referrals are living people, and the human factor in the form of laziness or lack of time is not alien to them. So if you decide to start earning that way, get ready to work pretty hard.

How to keep referrals

Referrals are clients who have a rather unstable and dynamic nature, so the main task of the referrer is to keep them on the project.

For earning on book with a referral programYou can arrange regular competitions with cash prizes. For example, which of the invited users will see the most advertising pages per week, will receive a prize of $ 10. It would seem that a very small amount. But since among the participants of the letters the overwhelming majority of students and beginners in the field of online business, even for such payment, the activity will noticeably increase.

seosprint referrals

Bux "Seosprint", referrals on which bringvery significant income, provides an opportunity not only to watch commercials, but also to perform paid assignments (registration on forums, subscriptions in social networks, repost). The referrer can take advantage of this and organize a contest for the most number of completed tasks per day.

It is important to constantly communicate with new usersand offer their help. Perhaps inactive participants simply did not understand the interface of the site or can not withdraw the earned money. Having explained the nuances, the referrer will earn a good reputation among his referrals and will be able to increase their activity on the project.

How much you can earn on referrals

seosprint referrals

Experienced referers earn theirreferrals from 200 to 500 dollars every month. However, to reach this level of earnings will have to work more than one month, actively distributing its invitation to the Web.

If the financial opportunity allows, theninvest their own money to buy or rent active referrals from other users. After several months of work, all the invested money, as a rule, pays off doubly.

Referrals are an excellent source of income on the Internet today, but for high earnings, work on the invitation and motivation of new participants should be held regularly.

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