"Arrow" (map): reviews about the transport card

In 2017, he celebrated his second birthdayproject transport map "Strelka". Feedback from users of urban transport indicated the advantages and disadvantages of this travel. Henceforth, developers are going to improve their offspring. "Arrow" - a map, reviews about it will be discussed below.

arrow card reviews

Project implementation

This travel card was distributedthanks to the agreement between the Government of the Moscow Region, the organizations "Universal Electronic Card" and the State Unitary Enterprise "Mostransavto". We even had to create a special branch, the purpose of which was a single transport map "Strelka". The reviews showed that such a serious approach was worth the result. The same unit, which eventually became known as the "Unified Transport Card", was endowed with the duties of the operator. The project started on February 1, 2015.

The operator's job is as follows:

  • installation and maintenance of devices for reading transport cards;
  • issue of equity securities;
  • sale to direct customers of travel cards;
  • installation of equipment for reading transport cards in buses;
  • calculation of statistics (information is analyzed regarding the number of use of travel, social cards, one-time tickets, cashless payments, QR code).

To date, the unit "ETK"provided readers with the entire mobile structure of Mostransavto in order to use the Strelka transport card as efficiently as possible. Reviews say that this is not in vain, because it is used in various modes of transport, people moving several routes. This payment card is accepted for payment not only in urban modes of transport, but also in private fixed-route taxis. In addition to buses, a subscription card can be recorded on the card, giving the right to travel by electric trains in a variety of directions.

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In the same year, when the project was launched, he wasnominated for the Formula of Motion Award. In the category "The best solution in the field of passenger transport," Strelka "became a laureate. This competition is aimed at improving the quality of service in the field of transportation services.

Tasks of the project

In Moscow, there are many types of travel for all occasions. So why do we need a single transport map of the Moscow region "Strelka"? The passengers' responses determined the range of tasks:

  • Formation of a generalized transport network in the Moscow region.
  • Collection and analysis of data obtained from the use of the map (this statistics helps "Mostransavto" determine the effectiveness of methods for regulating the market of passenger traffic).
  • Transition to non-cash payment of travel (this increases the transparency of the monetary transaction).
  • Tracking of tax collections in the budget.
  • Automation of access control and passenger extortion.
  • Providing a variety of options for replenishing the card.
  • The introduction of a flexible system of discounts, helping users to save money.
  • The possibility of merging and using this pass in other areas.

travel arrow reviews


Thanks to users of public transportand appeared near Moscow map "Arrow". Passenger feedback has contributed to the choice of design. The design and name was chosen by all residents of the Moscow region. The site was presented with several options to choose from. With the current name competitor "ATV" and "Skorokhod." However, the leaders known to all the "Strelka" got out in the lead.

travel card arrow reviews

Places of purchase

What distinguishes the "Strelka" travel card (reviews of passengers prove this advantage), so this is the most diverse ways of acquiring. These include:

  • Booths located next to the stops, which sell all types of tickets (a total of such sales points, there are about six thousand).
  • Directly from the driver or conductor of the vehicle.
  • In the stores of cellular communication "Euroset" and "Svyaznoy".
  • In the post offices.

In general, we can say that to buy this cardcan be anywhere, where there is an inscription "Here is sold the map" Arrow ". You need to have a document proving your identity, and two hundred rubles. This amount includes a pledge in the amount of eighty rubles, and the remaining money is put on the current account. After the expiration of the validity, that is, after five years, the security deposit can be returned. But, given the inflation rate for this period, of course, it will turn into a penny.

Tariff plans

How does it help to save the "Arrow" (map)? Reviews say that such a loyalty program is beneficial for numerous trips. Tariff system has a time frame - this is one calendar month, during which the price with each subsequent trip will decrease. After the tenth use of the travel cost will decrease by two rubles, after the twentieth - two more, and so on. The lowest price can reach 27.22 rubles.

Not everyone considers the Strelka map as an effective project. The feedback from some people is quite negative. Many people consider the loyalty program too low. But the developers found the answer to this problem. From this year, the discount will be calculated from the cost of the trip not in a fixed number - two rubles, and in a percentage. First the fare will decrease by seven percent, the maximum discount can increase to thirty-five.

This is especially beneficial for passengers with long-termor reusable routes. That is, the principle of the system is that the more time you spend in transport, the less you have to pay for it.

unified transport map arrow reviews

According to the old system, the discount for a trip over eighty-two and a half kilometers was ten rubles. Now the economy on such a long route reaches fifty-five monetary units.

There is an interesting point in usingtravel "Arrow" (map). The feedback from many users suggests that it is very beneficial for him to travel together. However, by law, a person should not transfer his transport card to another person.

It is worth remembering that the price of one passageincreases depending on the number of crossed areas. For every two and a half kilometers four more rubles are added. But it is in any case cheaper than a one-time ticket purchased from the driver.

Methods of replenishment

It should be noted that the smallest amount of replenishmentequals ten rubles, the largest - five thousand for the travel "Arrow" (map). The reviews are simply full of gratitude for such a wide possibility of replenishment:

  • An electronic resource of a card where it is necessary to be registered in order to put money into an account.
  • Bank card.
  • The mobile application - this innovation came after the active introduction of advanced mobile technologies.
  • Kiosk Mostransavto.
  • Network of shops "Euroset" or "Svyaznoy".
  • Electronic wallet (these are Yandex.Money and Webmoney services).
  • Branch of "Sberbank" or "Alfa-Bank".
  • Shops "Auchan" and X5 Retail Group.
  • Auto-completion.
  • Terminals of the Moscow Credit Bank.

transport map arrow reviews

Student's travel card

Many students are familiar with the map "Arrow". Students' feedback about the travel card is positive, as the developers provide them with additional discounts. The loyalty program allows young people to save half the money spent on travel. In order to receive such a preferential plastic, it is necessary to apply with a statement to one of the cash offices of Mostransavto. You need to have a passport, a student ID and an insurance number.

Terms of use

It's very easy to use a map. To do this, just attach it to a special reader. The necessary amount will be automatically written off. In the case of verification, the controller has a device that confirms this action.

map arrow reviews

If the route passes through only one inhabitedthen it is only necessary to attach the card to the terminal once. In the case of a longer trip, through several settlements, the travel card must be passed through the validator both at the landing and at the exit from the transport.

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