The important question: how to make a closed group "VKontakte"?

To date, the mass of people, especially the younggeneration, prefer real communication to a virtual one. In most cases, a large part of the population of the country uses the capabilities of social networks. The most popular in this case is "VKontakte". We suggest you to learn how to make a closed group "VKontakte". Naturally, users of the social network understand well that the groups created can be diverse. As you wish, some groups are waiting for you with open arms and will always be happy to see in their ranks. But there are some that are not so easy to get into. Here it is necessary to file an appropriate application for joining the group, after which the leaders will consider this proposal and issue their verdict. That's the last and are considered to be closed groups. But how to make the VC group closed? This is an interesting question.

Instructions for closing the group "VKontakte"

In order to answer the question about how to make a closed group "VKontakte", it is worth following this instruction step by step.
1. Go to the main page of the social network "VKontakte".
2. After several registration lines, go to your page.
3. In the list of links on the left, find "My groups".
4. In the corner, click Create Community.
5. Make the group settings as desired. In other words, fill out the "Community Description" topic.
6. To select a group type, you need to pay attention to the end of the list of basic settings. It is now worth choosing from the list position "closed". In this case, only those who have been previously sent an invitation or with a positive response to the entry application will be able to join the group.
7. After completing all the above procedures, it's worth saving the changes by clicking on the "Save" button.

how to make a private group in contact
Thus, you can easily and easily master how to close the group "VKontakte."

How do I move from an open group type to closed mode?

It happens that the group administratorthe desire to protect their offspring from prying eyes. This is often done to prevent spammers or other pests from entering the group, or maybe just want to slightly reduce the participants to create a tight circle of elected persons.

how to make a group a closed

First of all, it should be noted thatSuch actions are authorized only by the administrator, not the moderator and not the editor. The latter can edit pictures (as well as other materials available on the group page), leave comments on behalf of the whole community. But! Decide how to make a closed group "VKontakte", they can not. To do this, just go into your group and slightly change the permissions in the settings. After all, the group was created, and everything is clear. You just need to select "closed" in the menu "Community Management" at the very bottom of the group type graph.


how to close a group in contact
Thus, it is quite clear that it is possible to understand how to make a closed group "VKontakte" simply and simply following the above mentioned recommendations.

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