How to close the Kiwi Wallet? How to remove Qiwi-wallet? Instructions

To date, e-commerce hashuge popularity among users of the World Wide Web. With the help of virtual money, you can make purchases in online stores, book flights and even pay utility bills and bank accounts. One of the most famous providers of electronic currency services on the runet is "Qiwi Visa Wallet", which is still called "Kiwi-wallet." In this article you will find answers to questions about how to register, refill and how to close the Kiwi Wallet.

Why is Kiwi-purse so popular in Russia?

The Kiwi-Purse system begins its history infar back in 2004, when Qiwi company is actively developing the introduction into the infrastructure of large cities of payment terminals of the OMS (first sensor terminals), which are used by every city dweller to this day. A convenient way to instantly replenish the mobile phone balance was very popular with the population and in 2008 the company decided to create a "Kiwi-purse" that would combine mobile, bank and international payments in one system.

Simultaneously with the creation of "Kiwi-purse"Create a free application for your smartphone, which allows you to monitor accounts anywhere in the world. At the moment, the application Qiwi Visa Wallet can be downloaded for phones on Android, iOS, Blackberry, iPhone.

how to close a kiwi wallet

Since 2011, in addition to a full account in itsmobile phone, everyone has the opportunity to issue a plastic card Qiwi Visa, through which you can pay for purchases in supermarkets and withdraw cash in any ATM of the city that supports Visa cards.

The big plus is that for registrationSuch a card does not necessarily have to go to the bank personally. It is enough just to leave an application on the site, indicating the contact details, and the company will send a plastic card to the specified address. Any Qiwi customer can use the card for three years, without a subscription fee for its maintenance.

Thus, using the multifunctionalsystem "Kiwi-wallet" payments became not only mobile and convenient, but also acquired a completely different status. The account in the Qiwi system opens practically to the residents of Russia and the near abroad unlimited opportunities for performing instant cash transactions.

How to create a Kiwi-purse?

To create a "Kiwi-wallet" you only needaccess to the Internet and the availability of a mobile phone. After going to the official site, you need to enter a phone number and come up with a strong password. It is recommended to specify a permanent valid phone number, since it will be the account number and it will be impossible to change it in the future. Also, special attention should be given to the password, which should be quite complex and long, in order to avoid hacking the account by intruders. After registration in the system, the user can immediately begin to replenish the account and commit monetary transactions.

kiwi wallet entrance

To access all system functions, you needuser identification. In other words, the user must verify his identity with valid passport data. This innovation was adopted in 2012 for the purpose of account security. In order to confirm your identity, you need to fill out a small questionnaire in the personal account of the Kiwi-purse, where you need to enter this personal information and passport number. After identification, the customer will be granted a limit of 60 000 rubles per day and the opportunity to order a Qiwi Visa Wallet plastic card. Check "Kiwi-wallet" for successful confirmation of the data can be in your personal account.

Timely identification in the system will also allow solving the issue of how to close the Kiwi-purse, which worries many users, in the future without problems.

How to replenish the Kiwi-purse?

The account number in the system is positioned as the mobile phone number to which the account was registered. To replenish the balance, the user can use several available methods:

  • Make money through the payment terminal "Kiwi-purse". This method of replenishment is the most popular for today.
  • Transfer money from a bank card. For this method, preliminary binding of accounts is not necessary and the transfer is made instantly.
  • To issue a transfer from another "Kiwi-purse". It is enough simply to transfer to another Qiwi user your account number "Kiwi-purse". The balance in the case of transfer will be replenished without a commission system.
  • Transfer money from electronic walletWebMoney, having passed the preliminary binding of accounts. Using this method, identification in the payment system WebMoney is mandatory, as there is a reconciliation of personal data.

kiwi wallet terminal

All listed methods allow you to translatefunds to the account in a matter of minutes. After receipt of money for the "Kiwi-wallet" user can start to make any money transactions - pay utility bills and fines GIBBD, make purchases in the largest online stores and even invest in investment projects. The main thing is to remember the safety precautions and not to pass the password from your Qiwi account to third parties. In case of working with mobile application, it is recommended to set up a special PIN-code for the account "Kiwi-purse". Log in this case will be available only to the owner of the phone.

Can I delete my Kiwi wallet account?

Users who no longer havethe need to use e-commerce, there is often a question about how to close the "Kiwi-wallet"? After all, on the official website of Qiwi there is no account deletion section and personal data from the system. In addition, such an operation did not register under the terms of the offer contract.

technical support kiwi wallet

The founders of the payment system did everything forensuring their own security and secured by guarantees from users in the continuous monetary turnover. But for the customers of the Qiwi payment system, the absence of the ability to quickly delete an account is a big drawback.

Numerous reviews on the web on how to check"Kiwi-purse," prove that removing your account is not entirely easy. The user will have to enter into a long dialogue in technical support, prove his rightness and provide the necessary documents at the request of the site administrator.

However, such a sophisticated but proven method allows anyone who wants to permanently delete their account. You just have to be patient and follow simple step-by-step instructions.

Difficulties in deleting account and personal data

The main difficulty in deleting an account with"Kiwi-purse" is to contact technical support. It should be understood that closing the account is not in favor of the system. That's why the Kiwi-purse support service still has to admit convincing motives for the user to delete his account. But any user who knows his rights, can resolve the issue of deleting the account in the shortest possible time.

When communicating with Qiwi's technical support, you needpresent any valid arguments and necessarily carefully consider the contract-offer, access to which is available to any registered user. Defend their rights can only be operating with an official document and referring to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Check kiwi wallet

Technical support is extremely reluctant to contacttheir customers, as shown by numerous reviews. "Kiwi-purse," according to some, is not so safe and convenient to use the system to trust her large amounts of money. Proof of this are the comments of users who, after replenishing the account in various ways, could not receive the amount paid to their "Kiwi-purse" and they could not get an explanation from technical support. Any user wants to be sure in the safe execution of money transactions, which is why the issue of deleting the Kiwi-purse account has become so relevant lately.

Technical support service "Kiwi-purse"

For direct access to the system administrator in thepersonal account is required to find the "Kiwi-purse maintenance" tab. In the proposed form, you need to correctly enter your personal information, e-mail, mobile phone number (your account number) and the topic of treatment. In this case, the topic will sound like "Deleting an account".

kiwi support service

The reason for the request should be detailedto expound the essence of the appeal. In other words, indicate that the user wants to delete his account and all personal data from the system and refuses to send regular sms to his registered mobile phone. As a reason, you can specify the creation of another account or the inopportunity of using a payment system for a particular person.

After sending a message to the technical servicesupport it is necessary to wait for the answer, which comes within 12-48 hours. As a rule, after such an appeal, the administrator does not delete the account immediately, but refers to the contract-offer, in which nothing is said about the reasons for the removal of the account.

kiwi wallet system

In this case, the user needs to insist onDetermination of the account, referring to the fact that he will not have access to the SIM card or his phone was stolen or lost. In communication with technical support it is necessary to prove and defend one's position, because the system has no right to continue to use the personal data of any person without his consent.

Required documents for removal of Kiwi-purse

In most cases, only a fewreply letters, after which the administrator will redirect the user to another address and ask to send a scan of the identity document. As such a document, a scan of the passport is accepted, which was used to identify the account in the Kiwi-purse. This is required to verify the identity of the person who submitted the application for deactivation of the account.

reviews kiwi wallet

Sometimes the Kiwi-purse support service requiresconfirmation of the last 3-5 cash transactions on the account. To do this, just take a screenshot of the section "My operations" in my account. However, if there were no movements at all, certain difficulties may arise.

Judging by the feedback of Qiwi users,who tried to delete their accounts in this way, you have to make a certain amount of money to the account. The terminal "Kiwi-purse" or a bank card can help in this. Then it is required to conduct several operations - replenish the mobile phone account, transfer the amount to another user, pay for the purchase and so on. Only after performing these actions, the technical support administrators agree to the complete deactivation of the user's personal data and his account.

If after communication with technical support failedto achieve the desired result, the hotline "Kiwi-purse" can speed up the process of deleting data from the site. You can go directly to the Qiwi administrator at 8-800-333-00-59.

Complete removal of the account from the system

kiwi wallet account number

If technical support isall the documents sent confirming the right to use the account and the fact of the movement of funds on the account, then within 12-48 hours the notification on the removal of all personal data from the system should come to the e-mail specified when sending the application.

But we must remember that after such an officialdeactivating the Kiwi-purse account, you can not re-register the same mobile phone number in the system. But to re-register the user is entirely acceptable. One name can register several Kiwi-purse accounts at once.

Another way to completely delete an accountis a personal appeal to one of the offices of Qiwi, whose address can be found on the company's official website. When applying to the office you need to have a mobile phone and a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. As a rule, after completing the application in the presence of the manager, the deletion of the Qiwi account occurs on the day of the client's request. This method is the fastest and most effective, but it is suitable only for residents of large cities and megacities.

How to close the Kiwi-purse: an alternative way

If the user does not communicate withtechnical support service or there is no possibility to confirm the money transactions on the account, then there is a simple alternative way to delete your account. Simply destroy the SIM card to which the account is attached.

kiwi wallet balance

The downside of such a radical way of removalaccount is that you have to start a new mobile phone number. In addition, there is no complete deactivation of the wallet and all personal data of the account holder. The user simply closes access to the account for himself, but all of his identified data remains permanently in the Qiwi system.

If the reason for deleting the Kiwi-purse account isentry into the system of scammers, then there is a sure way to protect your virtual savings without deliberately deactivating. It's enough just to send a request for an instant password change in the Qiwi personal account. The procedure for changing the password is recommended to be held every 3-6 months to ensure the security of the account, which at registration is notified to every newcomer of the payment system. To create a strong password, you can use the complex password generation system for e-commerce.

kiwi wallet payments

Automatic removal of "Kiwi-purse"

The Qiwi payment system provides forautomatic deletion of the account. To do this, simply do not use the mobile phone number and "Kiwi-wallet" for 6-12 months and the administrator will automatically delete all user data from the system.

It is better to keep your SIM card inavoid its use by scammers. If the personalized account falls into unfair hands, then you can make trouble. For example, to receive a notice of a loan issued by an intruder in a bank or debt to a large Qiwi system. That's why it is recommended to keep the registered SIM card in a safe place or completely destroy it.

kiwi wallet hotline

Before registering in any electronic paymentsystem you need to carefully study all the nuances, including the contract-offer. If there is no information about the subsequent removal of personal data, then you should expect some difficulties. This is relevant in the event that the electronic wallet in the process of operation does not meet expectations. In addition, it is worth making sure that the system has a good reputation in the network and you can trust your passport data and scans of personal documents.

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