100% way how to remove "KIVI" purse

On the QIWI payment system on the web can be foundmillions of reviews. And not all are positive, despite the simple registration procedure. The most popular and deadlock question among users is "How to remove KIVI" -the purse? "Everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

how to remove kiwi wallet

Can I delete the "KIVI" purse?

The first thing that catches your eye when you enter the personaloffice on the service, is the absence of the "Delete account" icon. She is nowhere to be found. Naturally, the user asks the question: "How to delete" KIVI "-wallets, if I do not need it?" And in general, is it possible? There is a way, but it takes quite a long time and requires ingenuity.

Step one: contact customer support

To do this, you need to go under your login (phone number) and password to the cabinet. Look for the "Appeal in Support" tab. Fill in all the fields:

  • how to delete an account in kiwi
    account number (i.e., phone number);
  • e-mail (the one you use, because it will receive an answer from the service staff);
  • topic (from the drop-down list only "other topic" is suitable);
  • the reason for the appeal.

What can you write in the last column? For example, this text is suitable: "Hello! Tell me, please, how to delete the account in "KIVI" by the number *** (indicate your number in the international format, via +7). I also ask you to stop processing my data, disconnect all mobile and mailing lists, because I do not need them anymore. FULL NAME". Click the button "Send". Wait for a response that can come at any time (usually no later than 48 hours after treatment).

Step two: read the answer, redirect

The standard procedure practiced by the QIWI support service is to transfer to another of your services. You will receive a letter that you need to send an e-mail to delete your data and purse "[email protected]". Write a letter to this address. The text can be used the same as for the support service, but you can write something of your own. For example: "I want to delete my data and wallet, since I will not use the SIM card attached. Please, determine me from the system. " In the subject line you can specify "Delete account".

Step three: study of the contract-offer, counterarguments

It should be noted that the service staff are veryreluctantly delete users. More precisely, they are looking for all possible ways in order not to do this. The usual practice: to receive a request to remove from the system comes the following answer: "Before deleting the KIVI purse, you need to provide scanned pages of the passport and a contract for the use of a SIM card." You do not have to do this! You did not give these data when registering, so why should they be provided at the time of removal? Feel free to write the answer: "You did not request this information when I created the account. Why do I need to scan my documents now? All the necessary passwords you can send to my number *** (specify the number to which the binding is made). " To this, with a probability of 99%, a message will come with a link to the item in the service agreement. If you carefully study this document, you can see that there is not a word about the client's passport data.

Step four: defend our case!

Write an answer to the employees of the system about this"I asked you a question about how to remove the" KIVI "purse from your personal cabinet on the site. This is already a guarantee that I am the owner of the account. If necessary, send me the codes and passwords to my phone number (please specify it again). " In most cases, the security service surrenders after such arguments. Sometimes it happens that you have to write the same thing several times until you get to an adequate employee.

can i delete the kiwi wallet

Step Five: Successful deletion from the system

The last thing they can ask of you (anddemand with a probability of 99%) - these are the last 3 payments. In order to find them, go to the payment history and simply copy (Ctrl + C). It does not matter how long ago the operations took place, even a year or even a day ago. Send this data and wait for an answer. Not later than in 48 hours your e-mail client will receive a notification that the application for removal has been accepted, the purse will be deleted within 24 hours. After a while, do not be lazy, check to see if you can log in to your account.

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Difficulties and surprises

This method works only in the event that,if the SIM card was not lost and is on hand. What if it is not so? First of all, contact the mobile operator with a request to restore the number. Only so you can get into the QIWI account. The system simply does not provide that the user can change the phone number, lose the device or SIM card. How to delete accounts in "Kivi" yet? No way. After a lapse of time (6-12 months) inactivity of the user in the system on the e-mail comes a notification that during the day the purse will be deleted, if not pass through the link. Only in this way your accounts will be deleted, but you will not be able to verify if the number is not at hand. Do not try to contact Skype in the support service, because you still need to enter your personal cabinet for treatment. Only in this way will the system register the activity of the wallet and the service request. Be careful! Do not provide your passport details, as they can be at the disposal of scammers. Read attentively the agreements and treaties.

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