What is WebMoney? What is Webmoney-purses and how to use them. What commission of the "Webmoney" system?

The official date of creating a payment systemWebmoney can be considered 1998 year. Since that time, this payment system is constantly gaining momentum and at the moment remains the most popular electronic payment system in the world. But despite this, questions about what "Webmoney" does not cease. Therefore, it is perfectly reasonable to raise this issue in order to understand it once and for all.

what is webmoney

What is WebMoney?

If we compare the system of electronic money withcredit cards, then the first is certainly a relatively new kind of electronic money. Every year it is gaining popularity, because of which it is difficult to find a person who does not know (at least superficially) that there are electronic money and many users of such systems continue to work successfully with them.

It should be noted that officially "Webmoney" is a title, each of which has its own specific value based on its species category.

Why do you need "WebMoney" and where they can be used

In fact, this kind of electronic moneyquite convenient, because with their help you can make almost all the same manipulations as with real money, and there is no need even to leave the house when paying for utilities, communications, the Internet, buying goods in online stores.

Another vivid example, what can help"Webmoney" is a purse, there are numerous online stores, and you can buy from such services almost everything - from bread and finishing with household appliances. Given the modern rhythm of life in large cities and megacities, constant traffic jams, lack of free time, it is much more convenient to purchase a product without leaving home, in a relaxed atmosphere, with delivery to the doorstep.

Endless lines when paying utility billscan not only take up a lot of time, but also spoil the mood. A tourist who moves around the world can, without turning to the exchanger, convert money, moving them from one purse to another, while the rate will be at a democratic level.

It is worth noting that people who work remotely will not be able to receive payment for their services without the help of electronic currency.

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Why do I need WMID

Each new registered usera number consisting of 12 characters is issued, which is a personal identifier (WMID). Thanks to this number, you can quickly detect any user of the system, so it acts as something like a login in the system.

Create a "Webmoney" and get your WMID canany person, in the same way each user can view all the information with this identifier, so that the transaction is as secure as possible, and if fraudulent actions could be made with a claim to the administration of the service.

It is worth noting that one WMID can create not one "Webmoney" purse, but several, which makes it much easier to use it.

What is WebMoney Keeper

If the question of what "Webmoney" is, allit is understandable, the next step will be to clarify such a thing as WebMoney Keeper. This is nothing more than special software, which is provided free of charge to all users of the system. Thanks to this service, you can control your account directly and get easier and more convenient access to all services in the system.

Due to the fact that there are several varietiesspecialized versions of this software, the user has the opportunity to choose the type that will be convenient for him in the first place and contain the entire range of necessary functions that meet his requirements.

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Main versions of WebMoney Keeper

WM Keeper Mini is the simplest version of the program,which is available in the browser. It is convenient primarily because it allows you to use your account from almost anywhere in the world, where there is an Internet connection. Its security is to enter a mailbox, password and security code. There are restrictions on the withdrawal and transfer of funds, but this is only for your safety.

WM Keeper Light - this version of the program is as simple as the previous one, only it has additional protection and functions.

WM Keeper Mobile - a program for smartphones or phones.

WM Keeper Classic is an application thatis assigned to a personal computer. The maximum degree of protection and the full range of services can not but rejoice, the only thing worth noting is the complex multistage registration with confirmation of mail and telephone number.

Despite this, step-by-step registration hastips, in order to make it easier for you to navigate. You need to start from the official site where you can download the software to your computer. Further registration, input of all necessary data, including passport, after which we create a purse.

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Creating a wallet

Before you start using and evaluateall the advantages that electronic money possesses, it is necessary to create a "Webmoney" purse. This is necessary so that your savings have a certain place for storage.

After the user logged in, it is necessary to find an icon with the inscription "Purses", then click on the plus sign "+" in the space allocated for this.

Next, you should decide what type of wallet you are interested in, based on the currency that you intend to use, after you need to enter a name and click "Create."

Now all functions are available to you.

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How to use

Now you can transfer funds to "Webmoney"in order to do all kinds of operations with them. In order to add a number of title signs to your account, you need to choose one of the methods that will be relevant and convenient for you. Can be used:

  • Exchange points that exchange cash or non-cash money for service titles directly to your wallet, you only need to provide its unique number.
  • Internet banking, ATMs and payment terminals. One of the fastest and most convenient ways.
  • Bank transfer.
  • WM-cards.
  • Postal transfer.

In the "WebMoney" system, the account will be presented to the user, and after payment, the title signs will arrive at your wallet.

Inside the system there are a large number of convenientservices, thanks to which you can quickly and without problems pay for various services, the Internet or cellular communication. Also, you will be able to find the nearest store that accepts the title signs of this payment system. And if you enter a settlement account in a special field, you can pay for utilities, communications. At the moment, almost the whole world accepts payment in this way.

If necessary, you can pay anyservices, make a transfer, even take or issue a loan. Most operations through "WebMoney" require confirmation of login, password or other authorization method, depending on the keeper that is used.

webmoney account

Withdrawal of funds and commission

Now we should talk about the commission, whichis removed from the user in almost any operation, except for the input of funds. In all other cases - when transferring, withdrawing and paying for services - Webmoney withdraws a single commission, which is - 0.8%. It should be taken into account when manipulating finance.

Now you know what "Webmoney" is, and you can start working with this popular payment system.

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