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Active advertising systems - one of the mostpopular types of earnings on the Internet. Among the users of the Runet, Watching Ad was especially popular. Reviews about this site confirm that it is not bad to make money on the net even without special technical skills. From this article, you will learn how to make money using the Ojooo project.

What is Ojooo?

ojooo reviews is a classic example of PTC (Paid-to-Click). In RuNet, such projects are called postal or axleboxes.

Ojooo was registered in Germany inbeginning of 2010. However, initially the project was conceived as a large social network, a postal worker and a site builder. Wad Ojooo is just one of the directions of the company.

For the sake of convenience, the project site has beenseveral world languages, including Russian. In just five years of operation, the number of Ojooo users has increased to 6,000,000, and the company itself has become a leader of the official partners of the well-known PayPal payment system.

How to make money on the project?

The essence of earnings in active advertising systems,including Ojooo, is built on attracting new users to various Internet resources. Thanks to the skids, webmasters can promote their projects on the network, and ordinary users can earn good money.

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Payment for the project is per viewadvertising pages. The cost per view of one page varies from 1 to 3 cents on Ojooo watching ad. User reviews show that for a month of such a simple job you can get about 50 dollars. Of course, this is a low opal for daily work. But there are no special skills for viewing advertising pages, so this is a good way to earn money for students. But to go to a higher income helps the referral system of the project.

Referral program

Reviews about the referral program Ojooo prove,that earnings can reach from 200 to 400 dollars a month. In order to reach this level of income, you need to actively invite new users (referrals) to your team, support them and train them in viewing advertising. In addition, their referrals need to be motivated to invite other new users and so on. Active is the referral, which daily looks at at least four (ideally, of course, much more) advertising pages.

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If finances permit, it is possible to rentreferrals from other users of the system. The main thing is that the referrals show activity and earn at least $ 5-10 a day, then the income from their work will be more significant.

However, any Paid-to-Click (or - asthey say in the Runet - Books) is extremely unstable. Activity and the number of referrals can change daily, and the system does not guarantee a fixed income. Therefore, to invest their own money or not - it is purely individual. In any case, before registering, it is worth reading about the project Ojooo reviews of experienced users who have been working in the system since its inception.

Earnings strategy on

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It is very simple. Even without investing your own money you can earn good money, but this will take time. You can start working on the project as an ordinary user, gradually collecting the right amount for renting or buying referrals. Beginners can take from one to several months. In addition, you can actively distribute your referral link (invite code) in social networks, on thematic forums, or even create a personal page for this. Thus, you can type a number of active referrals for free.

In addition to earning on advertising, the projectOjooo offers to conduct social studies and mass polls, participate in online contests, test applications for phones and much more. To learn all the features of the project, go to the Matomy / Super Rewards tab in your personal account.

How to withdraw money from the project?

Unlike the RuNet mailers, the Ojooo projectworks only with payment systems PayPal, Payza and OKPay, which are more of a character for Europe. In order to work for Ojooo, you need to have an account in at least one of these systems. To use them effectively, you need a bank card. It is not important whether it is a card issued by a bank or a virtual card of electronic payment systems Qiwi or WebMoney.

Registration in the payment system will not allowonly withdraw money from the project, but also pay for your own advertising and rent out referrals, increasing your daily earnings. Ojooo, reviews about which can be found not only among users, but also among webmasters, contributes to the effective promotion of any site.

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Promotion of your site using

Systems of active advertising are created first of allas a way to promote Internet projects. In order to increase the attendance of their sites, webmasters use the services of such postal workers. Of course, for this you have to invest your own money, but the influx of new visitors to the site is worth it. This is especially true for online stores and the information business, which has recently gained great momentum in the network.

Wad, reviews of which, by the way, purely positive, can be found in any forum about web development, is really an effective tool for the promotion of sites and projects. This is evidenced not only by the popularity of the project around the world, but also by the number of users that exceeded a few million.

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Latest news of the project

In 2014, Ojooo experienced many changes that positively affected the development of the project.

  • The system has the possibility of automatic payments. That is now you do not need to wait for the decision of the moderator on the transfer of funds to the user's electronic wallet.
  • The design of the project has changed, it became much easier to navigate in the private office.
  • The project launched new services - Ojooo.Games and Ojooo.Share.
  • New payment system OKPay was added, thus the number of potential project participants increased.
  • The project was translated into seven world languages, including Russian.
  • In October 2014, the number of users passed the mark of 6 million.

Ojooo: reviews, payouts, user comments

A huge number of fans of the project saysitself for itself. Every day new members of Wad join. Reviews of the book can be found on various forums about earning on the Internet, in social networks and communities.

Among the positive aspects of the Ojooo projectusers note a high price per click, a large number of advertising pages for viewing and a flexible referral system that allows you to earn up to $ 400 monthly. However, there is dissatisfaction with the work of the administration of the project.

Thus, some participants believe that in the beginningOjooo payments were made much faster than now. If in 2012 the earned money could be withdrawn in 6 days, then in time this interval began to increase. Because of the delay in payments, many users are afraid to invest their money in renting referrals, preferring to simply earn on viewing ads. Perhaps, a large number of participants is the reason for the delay in payments and not always the operational work of the technical service of the project.

Those who are only planning to register inproject, frightens the lack of payments to popular payment systems in Russia - WebMoney, Qiwi and Yandex.Money. After all, to register with PayPal, you do not need to fill out the form for 5 minutes, but open a bank account or bind a virtual card.

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Also on the Internet there is an opinion thatOjooo uses the free workforce of naive users and does not pay the earned money at all. In other words, all the money that webmasters invest in the development of their sites, the founders of the Ojooo project simply take it. So it or not, you can understand, just trying to register in the project at your own peril and risk.

Wad Ojooo, reviews of which, though not alwaysare unambiguous, still remains the leader among the international systems of active advertising. And, in the opinion of the majority, it conscientiously performs its functions.

Other Active Advertising Services on the Web

Today, in addition to Ojooo, there are many othersPostal services for earning on the Internet, working on the principle of a referral system. For example, Wmmail, SeoFast, WmrFast and many others. Pay per click on Russian-language services is not so high - from 1 to 9 cents. However, the advantage of such projects is the simplicity of the withdrawal of money. To work in enough to have an electronic wallet WebMoney or Qiwi.

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If you still doubt the choice of the systemactive advertising and do not know what to prefer - low-paid, but Russian-speaking box office, or profitable Ojooo, feedback from experienced users will help make the right decision.

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