Lois is a newfangled measure of success

"Lois" is a derivative of the word "like", "a specific term, incredibly popular on the Internet. For the first time the word "like" appeared on Facebook and began its victorious procession literally on all sites of the World Wide Web. In the Runet of this trend were "VKontakte", "Classmates", and dozens of other projects that created their own analogues of the famous function.

loysy this
So what does "Lois" mean? How is it different from "like"? Yes, in general, and nothing. "Laiki", as well as "loysy" - is a sign of approval, sympathy, respect and agreement with someone. After some time, the number of "likes" became a common measure of the popularity of something, whether it's news, the page "VKontakte" or a picture of your favorite cat. Moreover, the photos of the cat will necessarily gain a greater number of touching "likes". Some users are really dependent on getting this type of promotion and are ready to go to anything to get "likes" as much as possible.

Versions of appearance

Probably, after some time many got boredto hear the word "like", and it began to deliberately distort. They distorted this word as soon as they could. "Lois" is nothing more than an alternative version of the word "like", a slang expression. Some users are of the opinion that the conversion process was similar to the following: Like → Laik → Laic → Lais → Lays → Loys → Loyc → Loyce

which means loyce
However, it is difficult to prove the correctness of this theory,the more so that the distribution has received a more simplified version of the appearance of "Lois". They say it happened on Google+. Some guy really liked the post or comment, and he decided to mark it with his "like" and began to type on the smartphone, on the operating system "Android", the word in Russian letters. But everyone who used android knows what happens if you do not turn off the preset keyboard settings. This guy, apparently, did not know, and instead of the word "like" under the post appeared the word "Lois".

The measure of success mutates

which means loyce
It is possible to argue for a long time over what "lois" means. They differ from their "grandparent" with causticity and the purpose to touch the interlocutor-the comic book lover. But the general essence is this: "loyce" - it's a parody of a more ancient meme, bored with a huge number of users - "like". The process of "loyses" began selectively in a limited circle of users, but today this word has captured the vast majority of all public. The mechanism of spreading and popularity of such slangy words is such that it is not clear at all what and when will "shoot" and become popular. At times, "fires" something completely unexpected. So it was with the "Loyce". Surprisingly, the transformed sign of sympathy is especially popular among schoolchildren, and is most often used in those public posts in which the main contingent is the so-called shkolota. Modern advanced schoolchildren so modernized the name of the hearts raised up their fingers, turning "like" into a steeper "Lois".

All new - not completely forgotten old

In any case, "Lois" is not LinearOptical Pulse System. This is the same sign of approval, which is hunted, which users want to get social. networks, and in large numbers. Some even are ready to beg, buy, go on an adventure. Is it worth it? To each his own!

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