How to make a hashtag "VKontakte"? What are they like?

To promote groups today is popularuse the hashtag "VKontakte". What is it? Hashtag (the name is like English: hash is a lattice and a tag is a tag), which is necessary to simplify the search for records on a given topic. It consists of a # sign and a word or phrase that follows it.

History of appearance

The label was first used by Chris Messina,who became the father of hashtags. On August 23, 2007, he introduced them to facilitate navigation and social networking. The first labels of this kind were used in "Twitter". Not all users they liked, and their recognition was won only in 2010. Over time, users liked the convenience of hashtags, and today they are found more and more in different social networks.

how to make a hashtag vkontakte

On May 16, 2011, VK had its first hashtag,which was called "#vkontaktetestiruethashtagi". At this time, you could create labels only from the letters of the Latin alphabet. Today they can be written in any language, the main thing is that the rules for their creation should be met.

Rules for writing labels

Before making a hashtag "VKontakte", it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the rules of its writing, otherwise the label will not work and will not bring the desired results.

Tagging rules:

  1. Hashtag or, as it is still written, the hashtag begins withsign #. Everything that is written next to the grid will be considered a label and automatically turns into a link for finding records with the same word or phrase.
  2. You can write tags today in any language.
  3. A hashtag can be located anywhere in the record, and their number for one note is unlimited, although it is recommended to use no more than 2-3 marks per 1 record.
  4. If a hashtag consists of several words, you can notSeparate with spaces, otherwise it will include only one word. For a clear separation of a phrase, it is better to use an underscore or use the upper case for the first letter of each word.
  5. Before you create a hashtag "VKontakte" orany other social network, you need to pick up keywords for it. They should be simple, unique and relevant to a specific record. This will improve their effectiveness.

hashtag vkontakte what is it

What are the hashtags "VC"?

"VC" represents 2 types of labels:

  1. They work around the "VC".
  2. Work within the community.

In the whole social network, common labels are used. They are very useful for the promotion of pages and groups, since users who have not heard or even suspected of the existence of this community can see the recording with a common hashtag.

Before you make a hashtag "VKontakte" totaldestination, you need to choose its name. The keyword to be used must be generalized, written according to all rules and suitable for recording.

Label within the community

how to make a hashtag vkontakte for the group

Create unique tags that will beused only within your community, will attract more visitors to it. By clicking on such a hashtag, users will see entries from only one community. An exception will be only if someone uses the same label in his entry. To prevent this from happening, you need to correctly write the name.

There are 2 ways to make a hashtag "VKontakte" for a group so that when you click it, only the records of a particular community are shown:

  1. To come up with a unique label name, which is not yet in the "VC". You can check it by typing in the search box on the site.
  2. Write a common label by adding @ andabbreviated community name. It will look something like this: "#Status_pro_life @ serdce_v_rejime_online", where serdce_v_rejime_online is the short name of the group.

The first method is not very acceptable, since it is not easy to find a unique name, and even if it does, it's not a fact that someone else will not use the same label in the future.

The most successful option of how to makethe hashtag "VKontakte" inside the group will use the short community name in the hashtag. Do not forget that when you write a label, you can not separate the words with spaces, otherwise only the first word that refers to the generic labels will act as a hashtag, and your record may get lost among others.

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