Landing page: effective copywriting in action

Landing page (llanding) is the most vivid example of direct marketing, "beating" on the buyer's consciousness with proven facts and benefits from the performance of a specific action:

  1. Purchases of goods or services.
  2. Referring to the link for a detailed review of the site (product).
  3. Subscriptions for updates and news by e-mail.
  4. Recommendations of the site (product) to other users.
  5. Commenting or providing feedback.

landing page

Conversion, measuring the effectiveness of landing,is the ratio between the clicks on the main button and the number of unique visitors, and is also the goal of the landing page - the transformation of the casual guest into a buyer (subscriber, reader, commentator).

Creation of a landing page begins with a searchunique trade offer (UTS) - the characteristics that distinguishes a particular product (service, site) from other similar. When formulating it, it is necessary:

  1. To build on the needs of the target audience.
  2. To speak the language of benefits, not characteristics.
  3. Proceed from a qualitatively expressed premise - a fact known to all, which acts as a reference point for all reasoning.

landing page example

USP is supported by a value guide. It can be a low price or a discount, a free bonus, a long-term or immediate benefit, a comparison with an already known and effective product.

UTP is the basis for writing all the content of the Landing. The first part, located at the top of the page, includes:

  1. An attractive headline, which in 2-4 seconds convinces the user that he went to the address.
  2. A tempting subtitle that fuels interest and makes a person read the content further.

The second part of the content devoted to uniquenessproduct, is built on the benefits of the visitor. It is necessary to choose 3-5 main advantages, acting on the "pain points" of a person: a quick solution of the problem, a benefit that meets the expectations of the target audience. Using bulleted lists, videos and infographics contributes to the visibility and effectiveness of the landing.

landing page creation

The call to action is what thelanding page, so you need to start from it when you merge content and design. When developing a button or window that meets the goal of lending, one should be guided by simplicity and accessibility:

  1. A clear message ("Register now", "Subscribe").
  2. Bright colors that attract attention.
  3. The location is at the top of the page.

The landing page should include weightyproof that the proposed product does have an effect. Using statistics in numbers, customer and user reviews, and well-known names or organization names will help to build trust.

The final text of the landing must be scatteredthe last fears and doubts of the person on whom the landing page is oriented. Example of the guarantee: the possibility of returning the goods and the money paid, payment after receipt, confidentiality of the input data.

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