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You've probably heard that there are wholemethods of earning on currency exchange. In addition to exchange rates, banks and traders on exchanges that constantly profit from the exchange, there is another segment - money changers, who independently guess in which direction the course can move, and take actions to buy or sell.

Advertising earnings in currencies

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Recently on the Internet there was an advertisement withoffer to earn at least 1500-2000 rubles per day. Placed it on the largest message boards under the guise of employers in order to attract the attention of the public. Of course, ordinary people were interested in what kind of work can bring such an income. Of course, in addition to numbers, the authors of the announcement stressed that this profit is relied on everyone as a fee for a fairly simple combination of actions.

After the users submitted their questionnaireand hungered for details of exactly what to do, they were sent a link to the site Reviews on the site convinced that with the help of it you can earn tens of thousands of rubles with little or no effort. At the same time as the essence of earnings was indicated exactly the exchange of Internet currencies.

What is Reviews

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In addition to information on large income and currencies,the site in question was also talked about a stable and constant income that supposedly helped many people grow up in the eyes of society: to acquire expensive apartments, cars and other things, in general - to become "rich and successful."

No one was embarrassed by the fact about (user reviews also do not contain information on this), that the currency a priori is not something stable. Currency brokers know that here you can not only break a big jackpot, but lose all your savings in one moment, if you relax.

The only condition that neededexecute in order to receive income - this is to send 500 rubles to your account registered in the database of the service. This amount was listed as the minimum for withdrawal and as such with which you can begin the exchange.

How not to fall for the bait of scammers?

About what happened next on the site, reviews are the best. Naturally, from the amount of 500 rubles, which replenished the person, wrote off mysteriously 150 rubles of some kind of collection or commission. Realizing that there was some kind of dirty trick, the user tried to withdraw his money, but was denied due to a lack of balance for a minimum withdrawal. The naive man simply sent another 150 rubles in order to withdraw his 500 rubles in the future, although they were never credited. After some time, the "contributor" understood that the negative feedback about the site turned out to be true, and it was "thrown".

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In fact, not to get into a similar situation anddo not lose money, you need to avoid these techniques. For example, if you are asked to send money somewhere, make sure that it is reasonable.

Can I earn money on courses myself?

As noted about the site reviews, earn on some mythical currency exchanges in automatic mode, and even with a minimum contribution of 500 rubles, it is impossible. In practice, the currency market is arranged so that the final earnings in transactions with half a thousand rubles will be extremely low, most likely - meaningless. The reason is that currency fluctuations are often not so noticeable, and therefore you can earn money here only by investing large sums. So, in fact, and "play" large investors and currency speculators, weld a lot at the expense of small jumps.

If you have 500 rubles, do not waste it.them for such things. It is better to try to hire a copywriter, order the texts from him and fill it with your own website. To receive the income in the future from the resource will be much more real, than taking part in scams on

Now, by the way, you can see for yourself that this is scam because their site no longer works.

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