"Yandex": personal settings and opportunities

Most users who onlystart to master the Internet, first of all go into the search system "Yandex", as it is known even to those people who have never been at the computer and did not use them on their own. Perhaps, it is actually easier for beginners to master the search system "Yandex". But if you conduct a simple analysis, then we can confidently say that most of the professional users install the most popular website in our country on the home page, and now it is Yandex. In fact, on the main page of the search engine you can find out almost all the necessary information: traffic jams, weather, TV programs, the latest news and much more. In addition to the main service of "Yandex" - the search engine - there are a number of other services. This post, video, music, pictures and even a personal electronic wallet. At the same time in the system "Yandex" personal settings, each user, if necessary, can establish their own requirements. However, there are some difficulties. Not everything, especially for beginners, is aware of where to find personal settings for "Yandex", so today we decided to disassemble this topic.


yandex personal settings
If you've already visited the start page"Yandex", then you probably could notice that it consists of special blocks that allow you to quickly find what you really need. Although if you wish, you can remove these blocks without any problems or choose only the most necessary ones. So, where are the personal settings in Yandex? To do this, you should point to the top of the page, where a special drop-down list is activated. That's where you can click on the line "Personal settings", after that, there will be four more options, each of which contains special settings, we will now talk about them.

Yandex: personal settings and their blocks

where personal settings in Yandex
The first point of setting up the Yandex systemimplies the most common dragging, or more precisely, with this drag-and-drop you can replace blocks yourself, while you can remove unnecessary ones by simply clicking on the cross at the top corner of each block. Also for each unit there are individual settings. To do this, select a button that looks like a gear. For example, you can select only a few TV programs that will be displayed in the block, and all the others will simply be deleted.

In fact, if we start to understand allsubtleties, you can quickly understand how to set up the start page. "Yandex" is not difficult to master, the main thing is to show proper attention, and everything will turn out. When you determine your region, as well as the place of residence, then the block with the weather will be displayed only for your region, and you can immediately find out this information by visiting the start page. Be sure to remember the important point: after making all the adjustments, you need to press the "Save" button, this is necessary for your parameters to be saved, and after restarting the main page of "Yandex" remained in effect. Also, you should immediately consider one more thing: if you are not registered on services, in particular it concerns the mailbox, then your settings will only work for the browser in which you installed them, but we recommend that you register in advance and only then start making the settings .


yandex mail personal settings
On the service "Yandex.Mail »personal settings you can also make. There is an opportunity to change the subject, determine which letters you want to receive, adjust the rights and your signature to the letters that you will send. You can also use the full or simplified version, it all depends on the speed of your Internet. If you already have your account, then before you begin the configuration, you need to be logged in. After setting up and saving the settings, they will all act in person for your account, and it does not really matter what kind of computer you will be working on and where. Personalize the page "Yandex" is not so difficult, as it may seem at first glance.


Let's now analyze the second type of settings,which is called "Add widget". With it, you can install on the main page those widgets that you deem fit. In fact, Yandex regularly replenishes widgets, and there is a large number of various options that are aimed at increased ease of use of the service. However, if you have no desire to add anything else, then you can just skip this type of settings. In the system "Yandex" "Personal settings" include many additional subsections, so you can get confused. But this is only in the first time, then quickly sort out.

Personal Information

where to find personal settings for Yandex
The third setup item involves the installationindividual theme, while you can develop it yourself, of course, if you can not choose anything from the provided templates, which are very many.


Yandex start page setup
The fourth paragraph suggests that we establish our location. If you want to see the exact time, as well as the weather, then you must specify these settings.

Now you know how to optimize for yourself the service "Yandex", the personal settings of which were examined by us.

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