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Today we decided to talk about howmake the design of the channel on the popular YouTube video sharing. If you have a desire to upload new videos, or you came up with some interesting show for other viewers, then you definitely need to create a channel on this popular site. Video hosting YouTube daily visits a large number of users from different countries, so you have every chance to promote your channel and collect as many regular subscribers as possible. First of all subscribers will be interested in your video, but those who visit your channel will be much more pleasant if you conveniently and nicely decorate it. Today we decided to talk about how to make the design of the channel.


channel design
Let's do everything step by step, and the first thingyou will need to decide which pictures for the design of the channel you will use. Naturally, they should be chosen, starting from the themes of your uploaded videos. For example, if you have a channel about food, respectively, you and the pictures need to choose about food, cooking, serving, etc. You need to choose a really suitable and colorful image to design your channel on video hosting. If you want to get a unique picture, then you will need to pay money for it. For the search we go to the photo shoots, that's where you will be able to purchase the suitable variant. Remember that the design of the channel on "UTube" should be of high quality, so you will not lose your subscribers. You can find a free picture in the search engine, for this business you can use "Yandex" or "Google". It is desirable to look for an image in PNG format - it will not have a background, and accordingly, it will be much easier to edit. Of course, if you spend more time searching for a suitable picture, then, perhaps, you will be able to find a ready solution immediately, which does not require additional editing from you. Currently, there are specialized sites, which already have a large catalog of images. Such a site is actually not so easy to find, and the images provided can actually be paid.


design of the canal on YouTube
So, after you have decided on the picturesand downloaded them to your personal computer, you need to go to the second stage, where you will need to download a template that will be required for the design of the channel. In principle, you can consider the standard templates, which are presented by developers on the video hosting. But if you want to create something unique, then you definitely need to download the template. Templates you can find on specialized sites.

Template location

After the template for the design of the channel will befound, your task is to install it directly on the channel itself, and it's not too difficult to do it. So, now you will need to perform some actions in the graphics editor, for this we recommend that you use "Photoshop", as the next instruction will be written for this program. Immediately open the downloaded file, which contains a template for video hosting. After that, select the image that you plan to use. Next, you should press the Ctrl + A keys, so you will make a full selection of the picture. Next, your task - to copy it for the design of the channel on "UTube".


pictures for the design of the channel
As you can see, the design of the channel is not thatcomplicated business. The main thing is to do everything step by step, and then you will not have questions and mistakes. The template itself, along with the picture, will need to be uploaded to video hosting.

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