How to order from "Aliexpress": step-by-step instruction

It's no secret that many products thatwe are buying today, made in China. This is a well-known fact, but few people think about the real value of these things. Entrepreneurs buy things from China at very low prices, making them such a twist that it becomes scary. This is usually a price multiplied by 5 or 10. And examples of this mass. But if you know how to order with "Aliexpress", then you are no longer caught with such a bait. And today we will look into this in detail.

how to order with aliexpress


So, before you order with "Aliexpress",we'll figure out what it is, and what it's eating. The site itself is easy to find. All its interface is in English, but it's so simple that you quickly get used to it. By and large, "Aliexpress" is an online store. How to order in it the goods, we will tell further. This is an ordinary Chinese online store. Delivery of goods in it is of two kinds - paid and free. The order will come to your home mail of Russia, you will not have to pay anything at the post office. The goods are paid at the time of the order, but the seller does not receive money. They are stored in the system until you confirm receipt of the goods. This is a guarantee of your safety and confidence that things will really come. What can I order? Many are interested in how to order things on "Aliexpress." And this is correct, because clothes there are at times cheaper. However, it is worth paying attention to the dimensions, because the Chinese are much less in terms of their parameters. In general, everything is very cheap, except for branded things and all that is produced not in China itself. Pay attention to this and compare prices.

Interface and sellers
how to order things on aliexpress

Before you order with "Aliexpress", you needregister in the system. To do this, you need to specify an email and come up with a password. After that, you can start shopping. Each product is delivered by a specific seller, each seller has his own store. If you order everything from one seller, everything will come in one package, and if you have different, you'll have to run to the mail exactly as many times as you ordered things. This will be seen in the end in your basket. Each seller has a rating and reviews, and the higher it is, the more likely that the sent goods will turn out to be of high quality.

First order
aliexpress online shop how to order

Choose everything you want to buy, and add tobasket. You even made a menu in Russian. But in the search bar you can write a word only in English. The translator will help you in overcoming the language barrier. You can buy the item right away or add it to the basket. These are two buttons on the page of each product. If you choose and are ready to buy, go to the basket, scroll to the bottom and click on the confirmation button. For the first time you will have to specify the address and the full name. Subsequently they will be inserted automatically. You can pay for the order in various ways, for example, by bank card or electronic money.

When to wait for a parcel

Do not wait for a package the next day, even atnext week. Just forget about her, then you will be pleasantly surprised when she comes. The average delivery time is 1 month, but this can be 3 months and 2 weeks. It all depends on the sender, and on the customs service both in China and in Russia. So do not rush things, just wait. That's all, now you know how to order with "Aliexpress."

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