How to find the number of "KIVI" purse. How to find out the account number of the KIWI wallet

The global network has become firmly established in therights. Today, with the help of the World Wide Web, we can do a lot: get any information, listen to music and watch movies, buy the necessary goods and services. And this is not a complete list of advantages of the World Wide Web.

How to find out the number of kiwi wallet

Pay electronic money on the Internet - convenient and easy

In the runet, virtual shops are regularly opened and new services are emerging.

There is a need to create a universalpayment system. Users of the global network, making purchases, should feel simplicity and convenience when making money transactions. It was for this purpose that the "KIVI" system was invented, which uses electronic money as the equivalent of paying for the goods. With the help of it you can buy a huge variety of products on the World Wide Web.

The advantages of the QIWI payment system

What are the advantages of the aboveservice? Firstly, KIVI is convenient to replenish. You can do this in almost any mobile phone or through specialized terminals. You can also use the Internet banking service.

Secondly, the owner of "KIVI" -wallets canMake a payment for the goods by writing off the necessary amount of money from your bank account. You can pay for the service through the finance that is on your mobile phone. There is also the option of transferring electronic money to a virtual seller.

And all this is possible with a system of electronicpayments "KIVI". Using it is incredibly convenient. But in order to make payments, the owners of such purses should know their requisites. And what if you do not remember them and you absolutely do not know how to find out the number of the KIWI wallet?

How to change the number of kiwi wallet

The problem can be solved

On the above problem, do not get hung up. It is solved quickly enough. Those who are particularly concerned with the question of how to find out the number of the KIWI wallet should remember one thing: it is identical to the mobile phone number. It's very simple, is not it?

Owning this information, users will notmore to ask about how to find the number of "KIWY" -wallets. To enter the personal area of ​​the payment system, you only need to know the password and the number of your own phone. At the same time, remember that no one else should know the personal code, except for you. From time to time, messages may be sent to your e-mail address or mobile phone number, in which you are asked to provide the password of the KIWI wallet. That is remarkable: the letter ostensibly from service of support of system QIWI is sent. Do not give in to this provocation. Most likely, you are confronted with scammers and scammers. It is better to not respond to such letters.

So, with the question of how to find out the number of "KIVI" purse, we sorted it out.

Do not know the card number - and this is not a problem

However, many are interested in another issue. It reads: "How can I find out the card number"? "KIVI" purse can be attached to such banking products as QIWI Visa Card and QIWI Visa Virtual. With the help of these cards, you can also pay for services and goods offered on the Internet. They can be used on any portal that Visa accepts as payment.

Kiwi wallet to find out the account number

It is enough to enter the card number - the purse "KIVI" will immediately be emptied of the right amount.

There is also another bank card - QIWIVisa Plastic. It can be used to pay for goods and services not only in virtual, but also in ordinary stores. Among other things, cash deposited by QIWI Visa Plastic can easily be cashed through ATMs.

In fact, the question of how to learnown card number "KIVI", is fairly simple. To do this, it is enough to open the personal cabinet menu in the payment system and select the option to send the card details via SMS to your phone number. Choosing it, you will not have to wait long for an answer. After a few seconds, a message will come to your mobile device, which will indicate the information you are requesting. These precautions were introduced by the administration of the service not accidentally: this is an additional measure of protection against unauthorized access to your wallet by intruders. Even if they somehow become aware of the password to your personal page on the official KIVI website, they will not be able to determine your card number. What does it mean? Only one thing: they will not be able to dispose of your financial resources in a virtual wallet.

Do not become a victim of intruders

It should be emphasized that such an importanta payment instrument, like "KIVI", a purse, you can find out which account number is simple, remembering the subscriber's number of your mobile phone, can become an object of encroachment from scammers.

Kiwi wallet card number

That is why it is necessary to observe increased precautions, so that at one time it suddenly does not "zero".

Some users of the system under considerationcalculations are often interested in the question of how to change the number of "KIVI" purse. It should be noted that there is no such operation in this resource. You can register one more purse, but already to another mobile phone number.

Undoubtedly, the above recommendations will beare useful for the owners of KIWI-wallets, because not all of them have perfectly learned how to use payment systems to purchase goods and use services that are implemented in runet.

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