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The market of currency trading in the network has reachedunprecedented in recent times. Everywhere (not only advertising on websites, but also banners in the streets of our cities) one can see the advertisement of various brokers offering trading in Forex, placement of funds in the order of trust management, investments in small amounts in one or another currency.

If you analyze every advertising campaign,conducted in this segment, you can see the following pattern: they promise a really high income; offer to place small amounts of funds; hold back the risk that is typical for this type of investment. It turns out that these companies entice customers in all ways, offering them real "golden mountains". How do they act in practice? Consider this in this article, which is devoted to one of these companies - Ubroker; reviews about it we will be used to evaluate its activities.

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What is Ubroker?

So, you should start by saying that Ubroker isa financial company that provides a wide range of services on the exchange markets. If you refer to their official website (developed in English), it becomes clear that this is a group of "professional investors", "traders" and generally professionals who decided to provide their services to everyone (mostly private investors).

As indicated in the "History" section, the platform waswas founded in 2010, and its main task was to combine the experience, knowledge and special skills of their traders in such a way as to connect Ubroker to the Forex market and, thus, give everyone a chance to trade through them.

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That is, if you go to the site section of Ubroker"Support" (support), then you can read about this information. There is also information about payment systems that accept funds, how money is displayed, where the company's office (London) is located and much more. It should be said that in general the site of the platform is executed beautifully, although typical for projects of this profile.

What do they promise and what do they attract in the company?

As already noted, in Ubroker people luredfavorable terms of trade on Forex. In particular, high incomes are promised here with relatively small investments, which, at times, can not even be a reality in principle. For example, there is a review of Ubroker, in which it is noted that a person was called and offered to place his funds in securities. Yield at the same time promised at a rate of 500% per month. Of course, the naive investor went to this deal, which he regretted in the future.

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Working conditions

According to the conditions of work on the portal say somethingquite difficult. Since the company offers trust management of depositors' funds, it is obvious that in no way should the clients themselves work: all that is required of them is the placement of their money.

In this regard, as noted about the portal Ubrokerreviews of deceived investors, it is important to mention ways to replenish the account on the portal (this is bank transfer, electronic payment systems Visa, MasterCard, as well as other methods).

In addition, as reported on the website itself insection of instructions, the company cooperates with several of the largest foreign banks, due to which they receive the most current quotes, which is confirmed by the constant posting of analysts on the page in Facebook.

Trading on Forex through Ubroker

ubroker com reviews of traders

It turns out that trading on this platform caneveryone, simply entrusting their money to a "team of professionals and professionals" who will make decisions on trading operations for you. But the statistics of their work, the history of the project itself, reviews of traders working in the company - all this is beyond the reach of a simple investor, information about it is not provided. This, in fact, can become a catalyst for reflection, because what kind of public company does not want to publicly publish information about yourself?

Calls from Reviews

Another interesting nuance can be calledThe system by which investors are attracted to the system. So, to the person (on not known from where its phone number undertook) the operator calls. As a rule, he appears to be a senior manager of Ubroker, the testimonials also confirm that the caller can turn out to be both a consultant and even a senior partner.

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The essence of the call is to convincecustomer to put their money in an account with the company. There are many ways to achieve this. Someone tries to interest by means of too high a yield. There are also reports on Ubroker that the caller offered to return the money that the person lost in another brokerage company - MMCIS. Of course, everyone who would have offered such an option agreed to cooperate, because it is in his interest to return the lost deposit and multiply their money. Obviously, Ubroker employees understand this too. However, those who finally agree, are disappointed, because they lose their money.

Deception Scheme

As you can see, about the company Ubroker reviews say as a dishonest and fraudulent structure, which, moreover, was engaged in different types of activities.

Obviously, the organizers of this project foundway to find contact information of certain people: those who lost money in MMCIS, interested in high-yield investment and, quite possibly, other categories. Schemes of deception at the same time applied different, although they were reduced to one: to lure out money.

A fake website made on a template (; reviews of traders, obviously, written "from the ceiling" - all this was just a beautiful form of how depositors collected funds. Then the scammers acted the same way: when a person trusted his savings, at first he was "drawn" profitability, the first profits, the opportunity to get his contribution back. After a certain time, the manager, who originally offered the whole idea, disappeared, confirming what Ubroker really is. The testimonies of the deceived testify that people tried to do something to return money and find the guilty, but to no avail.

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Attempts to repair the damage and find the guilty

Causes that can not be done in any way"Get" the real organizers scam, a few. The first is anonymity in the network. If the resource was placed on a dedicated server somewhere in another place on the globe, and the domain was registered for fake data, then it was unrealistic to find the administration of Testimonials confirm that it was not possible to fight scammers with complaints about the site itself.

The second reason is the dummy telephone numberscallers. Yes, they are saved by the affected depositors, but nothing can be done with them, since they lead to the "left" people. In addition, there is not formally a crime in those actions, because everyone knows that investment is a risky business.

There is another reason why you can not get it.organizers of The reviews indicate that this is the company registration address. Even if it was really created (which is so, because they made payments), then the place of registration is London. Somehow it is problematic to apply to law enforcement agencies there for our compatriots (considering that the amounts that were lured out (hundreds of dollars) are not worth it). And to prove to someone something will be difficult.

Conclusions about such commercial companies

As a result, we can say that with the trading company Ubroker has little in common. Most likely, it works with the help of psychology and persuasion of clients to provide their finances.

Therefore, in order not to become a victim of such scams,we advise you to carefully read the recommendations about the project, to seek information from those who have already worked with it. And, of course, if it turned out that you also became a victim of Ubroker, a review of your history will never be superfluous. Someone he will help save your money.

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