The secret of the effectiveness of the banner - slogans for advertising

Advertising banners are a very effective and time-tested way to advertise a resource on the Internet.
Advertising banners, if they are endowed with brightness,in all senses of the word, and are characterized by the presence of differences from others, it is inherent in the ability to quickly attract attention, convey the necessary information and be remembered for a long time. Of course, such works of web designers should carry the appropriate slogans for advertising. At the same time, we should not forget that, only if the described component of the web resource is executed competently and qualitatively, it will not be intrusive and irritating to the visitors of the site and the user will never have a desire to learn how to remove the advertising banner.

Banners that adorn literate slogans for advertising, are designed to perform the following tasks:

- to attract to the resource unique visitors, and hence potential buyers;
- to form a positive and memorable image of the company or product, which mainly form slogans for advertising, and also to allocate a product, service, the company among competitors;
- to promote the brand and its recognition;
- Strengthen the image of the company.

Criteria for the success of an advertising banner:

Successful performance of assigned tasksIt is carried out by an advertising banner only in the event that it meets certain criteria, which are presented by the modern market of advertising in the Global network:

1. The banner should be unique and attractive. The results of the studies conducted by specialists indicate that the banner has only a few seconds (and sometimes less) to the user to pay attention to it. In the event that when a glance at the banner is at a glance, the visitor's eyes will not catch the answer to the question that brought him to the resource (this is why slogans for advertising are so important), then the banner will not be more closely watched.

2. Advertising slogans should be simple and clear, otherwise they will not attract attention. Advertising banner is all the more effective than it is minimalist and simpler. The visitor should not need to think about how to interact with the component for advertising.

3. The banner should correspond to the promises that were declared by the inscription, and the resource on which it leads. Only in this way is the continuity of the communicative chain attainable.

4. Interactivity. Banners with animation, created with Flash technology, are characterized by greater dynamism, brightness and color. All this, as well as technological features, gives the user the opportunity not only to contemplate, but to interact with the banner.

5. All banners that claim to be effective should be properly placed and promoted in the right way. From the choice of advertising sites and thematic resources with similar themes, sites with a high level of attendance to attract as many visitors as possible, very much depends.

6. Correspondence of the design of an advertising banner to the corporate style of the advertised company (that is, the banner should have elements of corporate identity). In this case, the banner can become a factor that additionally supports the image component of the advertising campaign.

7. Compliance with the rule of the "last frame". The majority of experts are similar in opinion, that slogans for advertising, placed on "last frame" (frame) of a banner use the greatest efficiency. There must be clear calls that can prompt the user to act. Do not forget that compliance with the balance in this aspect is an extremely important moment.

To create an advertising banner, the correspondingall the above criteria, the best solution will be to attract experienced professionals. Then, most likely, the cost of an advertising banner is more than pay off results, that is an increase in the level of attendance of the Internet resource.

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