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Electronic payment system QIWI is included in the numberthe most recognizable brands in Russia in their market segment. You can use it through offline terminals and a large number of online tools - a web interface or, for example, a mobile application. What are the features of this payment system? How does her work comment on the users?

general information

QIWI wallet is a Russian payment system,developed by the same group of companies. This financial instrument allows you to make payments and money transfers in the widest possible range. There are a large number of ways to use the QIWI wallet: through the terminal, through a web interface, or via a mobile application. This payment service allows you to pay for utilities, replenish the balance on your cell phone, pay for the Internet, repay loans, buy plane tickets, train - and this, of course, is not an exhaustive list of service options.

Purse QIWI reviews

QIWI wallet is among the most famous in the Russian Federationpayment systems along with such services as "Yandex Money", Webmoney, PayPal. According to some sources, the service in question is the most popular on the Russian market.

In 2012, the payment system merged intoa common brand with Visa. QIWI wallet, thanks to this agreement, was able to issue its own plastic cards, which began to enjoy a stable, as many experts say, demand from Russian users. A little later we will study the specifics of the service, which appeared as a result of the cooperation of QIWI and Visa.

How to use QIWI

Use this financial instrument is simple. It is enough to have a workable SIM-card of any Russian operator. The fact is that the cell phone number is the main billing identifier that uses the QIWI wallet. Registration of a new client system is carried out on the site. It is necessary to enter, in fact, the telephone number, and then wait for the SMS with the password. It can then be changed to your own. Once a person registers his QIWI wallet, the account in the account will look exactly like, in fact, the mobile number. That is, if someone wants to transfer money to him, then no additional identifiers will be required.

QIWI wallet card

You can add to the QIWI balance of your walletdifferent ways. Traditional is the use of a branded terminal, which is in most Russian cities. QIWI also concluded contracts with some partner electronic payment systems that have similar devices at their disposal. The user can replenish the account in QIWI wallet with their help.

Another option is to transfer funds frombank card. True, it is necessary to bind it to the account through the algorithm established by the system. Entering the number and other required card data via the special interface, it is necessary to wait for the system to request confirmation of the corresponding binding by a number equal to the checksum, which is written off from the user's bank account. You can also transfer money to the balance in QIWI through the offices of popular mobile communication salons, ATMs of many banks. Users are impressed by the presence of a large number of ways with which you can replenish the QIWI wallet. The customer feedback system confirms this.

Now find out how you can withdraw from the QIWI walletcash. This can be done by transferring to a bank account, to a card, or by using a money transfer system. You can also cash out funds if the purse holder has a QIWI Visa Plastic card. About this tool we'll talk a little later.

QIWI: Competitive Advantages

What are the most obvious competitiveadvantages of QIWI purse in front of other payment systems? It should be noted that many experts agree that Russian suppliers of relevant services - at least those that are listed in the leading markets - offer their users a very similar set of services. Some brands, if they outperform their competitors in something, then almost always in their functionality there are also disadvantages.

QIWI wallet

If we talk about the strengths of thepayment system, many experts note the fact that the QIWI number of the wallet is identical to the phone number, and it is easier to remember. While many other providers of similar services identify accounts through very long personal account numbers. It played, experts believe, a significant role in the conquest of the leading place in the market on which the QIWI wallet is located. Feedback from many users confirm this: people admit that they choose this payment system because of the simplicity of identification.

ID confirmation

Due to the peculiarities of the Russianlegislation transactions with many online financial instruments require confirmation of the identity of the person who carries them out. The QIWI wallet is no exception. The registration made with the help of a cell phone - the procedure is insufficient from the point of view of some legal acts. The user of the system needs to confirm his identity using one of the options offered by the payment system. As a rule, this is due to the provision of passport-related data to the services affiliated with QIWI. A little later we will study the aspect reflecting the need for confirmation of identity in the payment system, in more detail. Having confirmed their identity, the user gets access to almost all the functions that the QIWI wallet offers. The Visa card, in particular, can be executed under the condition of successful identification of the customer of the service.

It can also be noted that, sincethe requirement to disclose the identity of users of electronic payment systems is established at the level of federal legislation, all providers of relevant services should bring their functionality into compliance. That is, in principle QIWI can not be more competitive in this respect than other market players.

History of the company and features of the business model

OSMP, which owns the rights to the brandQIWI, appeared on the market in 2004. However, an independent payment system was established only in 2008. The following year, after the QIWI brand was introduced to the market, OSMP purchased the assets of another large payment system - E-port. The active expansion of the service in various segments began. In particular, a significant emphasis in the development of the brand was placed on the distribution of offline terminals accepting bills.

Electronic wallet QIWI

For a long time, the electronic wallet QIWI couldaccept payments to be credited to accounts of other systems, such as, for example, "Yandex. Money ", RBK-Money, Webtransfer. However, since 2011, direct integration of QIWI and many other payment services has ceased. According to one of the versions, this was done in order to minimize competition.

In 2013, through the electronic wallet QIWIusers were able to make online microloans. The payment system began to provide this service in cooperation with Platiza, one of the first service providers in Russia in the new credit segment at that time.

The controlling stake in the company belongs tomanagement of the company, including its founder Andrei Romanenko. The share of Mail.Ru Group is significant - it is 21.4%. Also part of the shares of QIWI belongs to the Japanese corporation Mitsui Fudosan. The general director of QIWI is Sergey Solonin. In his subordination is the board of directors, the project office and other key divisions of the company.

QIWI and Visa

Consider the specifics of the services providedQIWI together with one of the world's largest processing brands - Visa. As you know, Visa specializes in providing payments through bank cards. Actually, this is the main subject of cooperation between the Russian company and Visa.

QIWI wallet through terminal

QIWI issues plastic cards, and Visaserves them. The domestic company has the opportunity to expand the market, and the American company to strengthen its positions in the growing Russian market, including in online payments. Both corporations, thus, brought to market a new brand - Visa QIWI Wallet. The wallet, which is accessed through a cell phone, is thus tied to one of the solutions offered by an American company. This is a "digital" Visa card or a full-fledged plastic card. Also QIWI and Visa offer an interesting product called Virtual. What are the features of using each of the cards?

Cards: digital and plastic

A "digital" card, or a QIWI Visa Card, is calculatedto pay for goods and services on the Internet. That is, the user can, by entering her number and other data, pay with the online stores, buy tickets for a plane or train on specialized sites and make other payments for which you need a bank card.

QIWI wallet registration

In turn, the "plastic" from QIWI and Visa isin fact a full-fledged bank card. With its help, you can withdraw cash from ATMs, pay in stores - Russian and foreign. Also, through its use, you can cash out money from your wallet through any ATM in Russia and abroad, which is serviced by Visa.

QIWI wallet offers its users moreOne interesting tool is QIWI Visa Virtual. This, you can say, is also a "virtual" analogue of a plastic card. Its functionality is basically the same as that of the QIWI Visa Card, but it is not tied to the QIWI user account. The advantage of this product is that it can, for example, be given.

We note that products similar to those consideredwe have the above, provided to their users by QIWI, there are many other Russian suppliers of electronic payment solutions. So, for example, owners of Yandex. "Wallet" have the opportunity to use cards issued by a Russian company in cooperation with Visa's main competitor in the processing market - MasterCard. Just like in the case of QIWI, Yandex has "virtual" cards and full-fledged plastic cards.

Visa QIWI Wallet Wallet in

Thus, thanks to partnership with VISA,the Russian system offers users virtually all the main payment instruments that are on the market today - online interfaces, terminals, and bank cards. However, QIWI's partnerships continue to expand. One of the notable examples is the cooperation of the electronic payment system with MegaFon. Let us study the details of this partnership.

QIWI and MegaFon

Among the latest news of the Russian marketelectronic payments - the creation of two Russian brands of a common product based on QIWI purse and "Megaphone. Money". As evidenced by the data in a number of sources, the companies went to a corresponding agreement for quite some time. Before launching a joint project, the companies agreed on technical details for about a year. As a result, the product has turned out, which, according to some experts, has no analogues in the Russian market so far.

The combined electronic wallet opens beforeMegaFon's subscribers have a wide range of opportunities to make electronic payments. In principle, we can say that almost all of the tools that QIWI wallet has are available to the operator's clients. At the same time, you can make a payment using the balance on your account - this is the specificity of the new product. Another noteworthy aspect of using the combined service experts call the payment of fees to subscribers of MegaFon for making payments. They are credited to the user's balance. Their value is 0.5% of the amount of payment made, if such is not the payment for the services of cellular operators. Another condition for calculating the bonus is that the payment must relate to those for which the system does not take a commission. This opportunity, which is offered by MegaFon and the QIWI wallet, has received positive feedback from users and experts.

The service interface allows the subscriber of "MegaFon"see your balance, replenish it, and transfer funds to friends and relatives. In this case, you can set an option in which the balance of other people will also be visible to the user: for this, a person should send a request to his friend, and that person should confirm his consent to provide details of his personal account. This is convenient if, for example, parents want the balance on the children's phone to be under control. It is expected that soon QIWI and MegaFon will also launch a card product.

Innovations in the law

Above we noted that Russian legislationsufficiently strictly regulates electronic payments carried out in the territory of the Russian Federation. At the same time, as some experts point out, the relevant aspect of lawmaking tends to be gradually tightened. So, for example, recently a draft law was introduced in the State Duma, providing for a reduction in the maximum amount of electronic transfer between users whose identity is not confirmed, up to 1 thousand rubles. While now this value is 15 thousand rubles. The bill also contains the wording according to which the maximum amount of money placed on the electronic payment system account can not exceed 5 thousand rubles, if, accordingly, the user has not confirmed his identity. Now this figure is also 15 thousand rubles.

This legislative initiative, asmany experts, was a factor in the sharp drop in QIWI quotes on NASDAQ in January 2015. So, during one of the trading sessions, the indices of the Russian company declined by more than 19%. Significantly, QIWI shares were down and on the MICEX - by 7%. Top managers of the Russian payment system in the comments of the media expressed the hope that the draft law will be further developed in favor of softening the wording. Or, for example, the corresponding legal act will provide for the possibility of simplifying the user identity verification procedure in comparison with the current scheme. Also, QIWI management expressed readiness to send its representatives to participate in the working group on this issue.

User feedback

What Russian users say,involved in the purse QIWI? The feedback of the clients of the company who had experience with this payment system is generally positive. They are mostly satisfied with the services they provide. In particular, in a positive way, people say that it is quite easy to transfer money to QIWI purse - it can be done both through the terminal and by means of a bank card.

Praise the system for the decisions that are implementedtogether with Visa. Especially convenient users call a "digital" version of the payment card, which is called QIWI Visa Card. In particular, it is positively noted that it replenishes without commission through quite often encountered terminals. QIWI wallet, according to users, allows you to pay the bulk of daily services, and very rarely there is a need to find other means of payment or go to the bank in order to make the desired payment.

High quality of technical support is noted. In particular, many users have problems with incorrect crediting of funds to the account. In most cases, such situations with the assistance of the support service were resolved very quickly.

Among the shortcomings of the system notedusers, is the fact that many services to pay for a QIWI wallet allows for a relatively high commission. Also, many QIWI customers believe that it would be useful for the company to expand its partner network: in many third-party systems, there is no possibility of replenishing the account of the largest Russian supplier of electronic payment services.

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