Internet Search Engines The list is growing

As is known, Internet search enginesthe list is quite large. All search engines differ from each other not only by a set of functions, but by the search methods themselves, and by their ideology. In a general sense, we can say that the best search site is the one to which the user is accustomed and knows his features well.

But still the Internet search engines listwhich, with the most complete, can be found on the Web, it is better to use it depending on the subject of the search. Some search engines perfectly cope with the search for specific sites, others, on the contrary, are perfectly looking for the necessary information, so that the search engine should be selected precisely depending on the task.

Most web users by force of habituse any one search without even suspecting that the various search engines of the Internet list are very extensive, have their own specific features, by virtue of which each of the systems can be assigned a specific type of search task.

What are the search engines of the Internet the list of search problems between which is already divided traditionally and what is the history of their origin and development?

The first search engines appeared at the timethe emergence of the Internet - then the computers connected to the Network were few, and they were all used for purely scientific purposes. At that very time, that is, even before the development of the World Wide Web, the very first search tool, called Archie, was developed.

At the next stages of the Network's development,many tools for information retrieval disappeared, and only a few of them survived to this day, and already a few have become popular and have achieved the status of a respectable and respected brand in the world.
All search engines have their ownconstantly changing and improving algorithms, according to which the page rank is calculated. But for all search engines it is characteristic that they take into account the link popularity or the so-called index of citing resources to some extent.

The most popular in the Russian segmentInternet search engines are Google, considered something of a standard of universal search. As the main criterion for ranking sites Google uses the index PR (Page Rank), which is calculated by a special patented formula. The index depends not only on the number of referring sites, but also on their own "weight". Google provides many additional features for both ordinary users, and for webmasters and optimizers.

Among the Russian-speaking search engines undoubtedthe leader is Yandex. With its help, you can search the web for information in several languages. Its characteristic feature is the ability to index documents in various formats - doc, rtf, pdf, txt and others. As a ranking criterion, Yandex uses the so-called TIC (Thematic Indexing Citation), which depends on the number of external links to the site. Yandex has many additional features, among which you can name the newsline, weather informers, electronic money and a lot of tools for the webmaster.

New Bing search engine from Microsoftuses original algorithms that can significantly narrow the range of search and, accordingly, the results. So Bing search engine can search in various categories, for example, sports, cultural or tourist, within which the search can be further narrowed - up to individual sports, for example, or by art.

Web search engine brand new inRussian part of the Internet, using, according to the representatives of the company itself, a number of innovative mechanisms for indexing the selection of search results and their ranking. Web search system is intensively developing, testing the latest services and promising to become competitive in the very near future.

Search engines provide very differenta set of search functions and methods. Therefore, any advanced Internet user should be able to use them depending on the assigned search tasks. The list of search engines is growing every year.

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