How do I add bookmarks to Google Chrome? Simply and easily!

Google Chrome todaythe leading lines of the ranking of the most popular browsers. A huge number of users around the world have chosen this program by default on their computer. And it's no accident, because "Google Chrome" has a lot of advantages compared to other popular browsers. The merits include the following: high speed of loading pages and simple management. But even in such a browser, some users do not know how to add bookmarks. In "Google Chrome" this process can occur in several variations. About this and talk in the article.

how to bookmark in Google Chrome

1 way

How to add bookmarks to Google Chrome in a largequantity? This method is relevant for those who use several programs for site views. If you used to use another browser for a long time, then for sure you have accumulated a lot of bookmarks, with which you do not want to part. And to make a copy of one piece will seem to you too tedious process. In these cases, the creators of Google Chrome foresee the option of importing bookmarks. The transfer is made from another browser that you used before. In order to import bookmarks, you need to do the following:

  • Open the browser.
  • Go to the settings by clicking on the appropriate label in the upper right corner.
  • In the opened window you will see the "Users" panel, from the bottom there is the item "Import bookmarks and settings".
  • Clicking on it, you must select the desired browser, from which the transfer will occur.

how to add bookmarks to google chrome

2 way

The Google Chrome browser also provides a secondoption to add bookmarks. In this case, they will have to be entered manually. To learn how to add bookmarks to Google Chrome without using importing, we suggest you use the following instructions:

  • Customize. To begin, you need to enable the display of bookmarks. To do this, go to the browser settings and check the option "Show the bookmarks bar".
  • Addition. After the first item you should have an additional bookmarks bar. Right-click on it and select "Add page". Then fill in all the required fields and click "Save".

how to make visual bookmarks in google chrome

Additional Features

Previously outlined instructions allow you to learn how tomake bookmarks in "Google Chrome" without the GUI. That is, they are displayed as small icons with the name of the page. But many people used to use large bookmarks with a built-in preview-screen site. And, as you might expect, Google Chrome can meet this need. Next, you'll learn how to make visual bookmarks in Google Chrome:

  • The browser has its own application store. It is easy to find it through the search engine.
  • Then in the search line of the site you need to enter "visual bookmarks".
  • Select a more suitable extension and install it.


The Google Chrome browser is very flexible, fast and easy to use. And now, when you know how to add bookmarks to Google Chrome in several ways, your options are expanding.

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