How to integrate the Old Russian font into the programs on the PC

Today we will discuss what the Old Russian font is, what its origin is. In addition, we will discuss how to use this font in popular programs, such as "Photoshop" or "Word".


Old Russian font
At the junction of the Indo-European and Slavic periodThere were already differences in the morphology of nouns and verbs in the Russian font. Most of the modern suffixes were formed on the basis of Old Slavic suffixes. Many of them were the result of merging the foundations with the ultimate sounds. So there was an Old Russian font. In the Old Slavonic language, names could vary in numbers and cases. After the closed syllables were lost, the type of declension began to be determined, first of all, on the basis of gender - masculine, feminine or average. In the Proto-Slavonic language, numerals did not add the category of an independent part of speech.

Conditions for the functioning of fonts

Old Russian font for Photoshop
In True Type technology there are two main components: True Type bitmap and True Type fonts. Both components exist for the image and printing of fonts in computer systems.

To pick a beautiful old Russian font, you need to do simple actions:

- Enter the required phrase in the selected program, which indicates the desired font.
- Indicate the type and size of the font you are interested in.
- Click "OK".
As a result, the user receives the desired artistic writing.

Special Old Russian font

The database is regularly updated with beautiful fonts fromOld Russian writing. Those people who use them in their work are constantly interested in downloading new versions. Beautiful old Russian font will please with a variety of styles. It is suitable for "Vord" and "Photoshop". You can easily search for the most appropriate style for a particular document. In addition, you can add your own font to the main database of the program, if nothing suitable could be found.

Fonts in "Photoshop"

Old Russian font for word
Work with this program is unthinkable withoutUse of various styles in signatures. If you require fonts for your personal site, you can visit one of the specialized web projects, where you will find all the necessary elements in public access. This will create original design work. The problem is that a standard set of fonts is not always suitable for meeting all the requirements. For example, there are cases when you need to do a job in a vintage style, draw up a postcard in the Gothic, make an original inscription on the poster. It is for this purpose that special directions in fonts are created. Firstly, different Cyrillic fonts were developed. Also popular are graffiti-style inscriptions that look good on grunge backgrounds. As for the vintage, the Old Russian font for Photoshop can not be the way. The usual handwritten Russian inscriptions are perfect for working in retro style. They fit well with vintage textures and details. Among an unthinkable amount any designer will choose something for himself.
Old Russian font for word and for "Photoshop"allows to expand opportunities. Some people believe that the font for "Photoshop" is somewhat different from the one found in the "Word". But this is not true. When installing a font in the operating system, it will subsequently appear in all programs that allow you to select a font.

There are Russian style directions, including the Old Russian font, there are special English (Latin). However, they are incompatible if the font is created only for a specific language.

By the way, it is thanks to the capabilities of the Photoshop editor that a masterpiece can be made from any inscription using the tools built into the program.

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