What is Web Hosting? How to tie a domain to hosting?

Now on the Internet a lot of sites for differentsubjects, and more and more commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs have a desire to acquire own resources. The two main components, without which the operation of the site is impossible, is hosting and domain.

Hosting - the place where you will store the data of your site, available on the Internet.

Domain name is a symbolic name, through which users can find your site on the network.

The main question that arises when placingsite on the Internet, - how to tie a domain name to a hosting. Let's consider in detail how this process takes place, and what features should be taken into account.

How to bind domain to hosting: basics

So, the place where your site is located,called hosting. The server on which the information will be stored can be installed at home, but this requires large material and time costs. It is better to use the services of hosters - special companies that have equipped servers in their possession and place them on the files of your site. This is done for a fee, but there are companies that provide similar services for free.

how to bind domain to hosting
After installing the site on the hosting process is notis considered complete. Next, you need to determine the address of the site, it must be unique. Entering a domain name in the search box, users can easily find your site on the Internet.

how to tie a domain to hosting
A domain name can have several levels, thenthere are several parts that are separated by dots. All the name together with these points form a single address, which is called a domain. In this article, you can learn how to tie the RF domain to the hosting. Please note that once you have registered a domain name, you can not change it. You need to register a new domain.

DNS server

To begin with, an important role in registrationThe domain name is played by the DNS server. The parameters of these servers affect the special channels by which the hoster can receive data from your domain name. Everything depends on the correct settings.

If the actions are incorrect, then your site does notwill be displayed in the query of search engines, it can not be found, since it is not tied to hosting. This process has no special difficulties, but it has some peculiarities.

Acquisition of a domain and hosting from one company

The number of sites is growing every day, sothere are more and more hosters, which enable the registration of a new domain name. Such services are set up to link your domain name to your hosting right after the site is created. This process is as follows:

  1. You have purchased services from the company;
  2. Register the domain from the same supplier. In the registration process, you will see a special column in which you must specify that the domain name will be parked on this hosting.

how to bind a domain name to hosting

When using the services of such companies,as the domain is tied to hosting, it disappears by itself, since the binding occurs automatically, you do not need to configure DNS servers yourself.

What if you use the services of two different organizations?

If you decide to use the services of twodifferent companies, that is, you buy a domain separately from the registrar, and the hosting company orders the host, in which case you have to figure out how to bind the domain. To hosting a third-party organization, the domain is linked in a few simple steps:

  1. Log in to your hosting profile and findthe "domain parking" column, it can also be called "domain parameters". In this field, you must enter your domain name. On most resources, you do not need to prefix the html: // and www prefix.
  2. Then, on your mailbox attached to theservice, a letter will come, which contains information about DNS-servers. If you did not receive the email, you can contact technical support to find out the names of the DNS servers. After this step is completed, proceed to the next step.
  3. These servers must be entered in a special boxin the domain name settings of the registrar. Use the site on which you registered the domain. In the "Account" section, find the "My domains" field, your domain name will be located there. In its settings you need to register your hosting server.

It is necessary to know that after all the actions are completed, registration and binding do not occur immediately. It is necessary to wait 4 to 24 hours.

How to tie a domain to another hosting

Moving a site from one hosting to another is notis a problem. You just need to transfer the files. But with the transfer of the domain may be some difficulties. How can I bind the domain to hosting, if you purchased a new domain name, instead of the previously used one? Let's look at the nuances. The whole transfer is only that you need to change the DNS server addresses.

how to tie a domain to another hosting
If you have already configured a new server and filesare placed on it, it's time to redirect domains. This is necessary for search engines to be able to index your site, otherwise they will not be able to do this within a few days. And you do not want to lose visitors to the site? If you do not redirect, the user will receive an old link when prompted. Please note that if you transfer a domain, the old hoster may refuse to do this if it is the owner of the domain.

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