Scandinavian auction, or How to buy an iPhone for 1800 rubles?

Most likely, you already know about the variousonline auctions, such as Ebay, - they work according to the classical system, where the seller exposes the goods at a certain price, and the winner is the one who offers the maximum price.

However, there are auctions quite differentformat, one of them, the so-called Scandinavian auction, where trades on goods, the real value of which, for example, 25-30 thousand rubles, can start from 50 rubles and rise after each auction participants bid. At the same time, the rate is always fixed and usually amounts to 5-10 kopecks. After each bet, the auction timer is restarted and wins the one, the tea bet will be the last.

Internet Auction CityLot

In the Russian Internet, auctions for such a system have been successfully operating for several years, and one more online auction has just appeared - CityLot. It plays all the most popular technology at the moment: iPhone, iPad, GoPro camera, good laptops and TVs with 3D function. As a result, you can receive the goods at a discount of up to 98%.


Why auction win-win?

At first glance it seems that this is nonsense andunreal. However, everything here is pretty clear and understandable. To win at such an auction, rather, it's not luck that matters, but a certain strategy, to win, you just need to beat the other participants. It is important to note that if you did not manage to win at once, then you can still get the goods by buying it at market value, but, importantly, after deducting the money spent on bets. For example, you spent 700 rubles, making bets on the AppleiPod player, the market value of which is 4,500 rubles, but it did not happen to win. Therefore, in order not to lose money, the player can be bought already for 3800 rubles.

Apple iPhone 6S for 1800 rubles

Greater demand for CityLotApple products, which is quite logical, few will refuse to become the owner of the iPhone 6S 64GB for 1800 rubles, iPad Mini 4 for 1355 rubles or MacBook Air for 2730 rubles. At first glance this seems unrealistic, but such lots are played out daily. In this case, all products are certified and have an official manufacturer's warranty.

Scandinavian auction

How to participate in the auction?

To participate, you must register andTo buy any set of rates, also at registration it is possible to receive up to 30 bets as a gift. Next, choose a lot that is interesting and make bets. If the bet is the last, then you are the winner. If you can not win, then if you want, you can buy the product at a market price, with the deduction of the money spent on bets.

On CityLote each winner receives the goods for free, withusing the "door-to-door" delivery service. If you just buy the goods, the shipping cost is calculated automatically depending on the address and size of the goods, in other words - everything is like in a classic online store.

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