Why does not the video "VKontakte" work?

In order to freely use allthe advantages of the social network "VKontakte" - to freely exchange information and view files of all formats - often there is a need to eliminate some malfunctions. For example, there is often a situation when the video "VKontakte" does not work - it does not load beyond the first frame, the sound is played late and so on. What is the cause of all such problems?

video does not work in contact

The fact that the video "VKontakte" does not work, couldaffect a large number of factors. However, the most common of them is not so difficult to detect. Very many causes of problems can be eliminated in a few minutes without the help of specialists.

The simplest thing that can be done is torestore the ability to play video - try to download them in another program to view the web. If there are no problems, this means that the video in the contact does not work because of the incompatibility of the plug-ins. Thus, you can simply update or reinstall the already familiar browser.

video in contact does not work

The second is quite common causeProblems with video playback is the obsolescence of the Flash player. To check if this is relevant in this case, you need to right-click on the movie window and select the item about Adobe Flash Player from the drop-down list. In the appeared table, it is possible that the version of this utility does not correspond to the browser. Then, to watch the video "VKontakte", you need to download the latest version of Flash-Player on the official website and install it on your computer.

The cause of many problems and slow workapplications on the Internet can become and an overloaded cache memory. So, if the "VKontakte" video does not work, you need to find the item in the browser settings menu that is related to deleting the contents of the cache.

Of course, the root of the problem with video playbackcan lie and deeper. Today it is not so easy to avoid infecting the operating system with malicious programs, actively using the Internet. Virus files can be downloaded without the user's knowledge, subsequently affecting the operation of many programs. Harmful software develops quite quickly and can not always be seen by an antivirus. So, if the "VKontakte" video does not work, then it will be superfluous to manually scan the system and find out if there are files containing a threat in it.

watch the video in contact

Situations where it is impossible to reproducevideo, can also arise because of the peculiarities of the social network itself. For example, the video file format is simply not supported by the site player. Viewing video may not be available optionally due to any problems, it may be that access to it is restricted by privacy settings. In this case, if an appropriate message appears on the screen, you should not make excitement out of it. You can try to find the same video on the page from another user using the search bar.

These are only the most common situations that can be encountered when watching the video "VKontakte." But at the same time, the reasons for all the problems are most often limited to this list.

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