RED21 - who is this?

In this article we will talk about the famous bloggeron the vastness of video hosting YouTube under the pseudonym RED21. You will find out who this is after reading the article to the end. Although many of his videos have already been seen and many are directly subscribed to his channel. Well, if you have not heard or seen, then just read this article.

red21 who is this

So, RED21 - who is this? A simple well-known blogger who shows the usual situations from his supposedly busy life. He puts it all on his channel on "Youtube". RED21 - this is one of the few people who managed to get up on their video blogging.

A large number of users have tried to joinin this sphere of video business, but few people could achieve something like RED21 did. He began to engage in an exciting shooting of life in 2012. The botanist is his second pseudonym, he cast his canal a large number of times, but returned with the goal of going up and proving to himself that he can achieve something in life.

RED21 - who is this nerd?

Now let's talk about who this person is and what he is:

  • A regular guy.
  • Contains its video blog, and now the number of subscribers it exceeds one million.
  • He is known to people under the pseudonyms Botanic, RED21 or Volodya Rzhavy.
  • He does not have a certain preference for the genre of music. In other words, he is a music lover.
  • In addition to the video channel on "Youtube", he has a group in a social network, which has about two thousand subscribers. His public you can find in "VKontakte" under the name PUBLICRED21.

nerd red21

This is the information he left about himself in thethe Internet. In fact, a little, but still there is something to catch on. Many people wonder how he could achieve such success. By the standards of the more well-known YouTube artists, it may not be as popular as it was, but managed to gain one million subscribers on its channel by its hard work, and this is an achievement. Many will say that this is not an indicator, but still.

Subscribers know that he resigned from his job. For someone it seems better to work on a permanent job than to rely on the channel, since it is not very lucrative, and not the fact that it will appeal to people, and they will start to get carried away by other people's creativity. Well, someone, on the contrary, will admire the fact that the guy ventured and created the channel RED21.


We continue to talk about a guy with the pseudonym RED21. Who is this, we have already found out, but many are concerned about the question of how much he earns on his creativity. After all, this young man has great success in his field and feels himself in it, you might say, like a fish in the water. The exact amount we can learn only from him, but if you believe the calculations, Volodya Rzhavy has earnings of about fifteen hundred dollars a month. This figure is quite large for the layman, but not the maximum. Some figures on "Youtube" earn and more.

Humor and jokes

As for humor, his viewers have formedversatile opinion. Some think that he is just crazy and records disgusting, no one interesting video, and his audience does not differ in mind, like him. Others argue that this person has the right to create their own content, even if it is ambiguous.

red21 channel

Since we are not entitled to judge this person, thensort it out yourself. But if you are reading this article, then you are interested in the work of RED21. Who is this and what he does, you can find out by watching several of his video works. Perhaps it is simply unique.

In general, each of us is unique in itself,the main thing is to find your channel in life. RED21 has been successful and has not abandoned its business far away. The main thing - do not give up, when you are tired or something does not work, just remember why you took it.

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