SOS! Hacked "Classmates"! What should I do to restore the page?

Social networks have firmly entered the life of the majoritypeople who have access to the World Wide Web. At the beginning of 2013, Odnoklassniki had over 205 million registered users from different countries around the world. After all, you can chat with friends and like-minded people, listen to music, cheer up funny videos, or find out the latest news of the world scale and your hometown. Thanks to this social network, many people scattered around countries and cities, found each other and rewritten or called back completely for free (you just need to go there). Site "Classmates" and watching the tape of friends over a cup of morning coffee or during a break at work - for many it became a kind of ritual.

classmates login to the site with a password

Weight of site features

Registration is completely free and takesA couple of minutes. Preferably link the page to the current phone number, this will allow you to easily restore the login data if you forget it by accident. All you can storm "Classmates". Log on to the site with a password ensures that your correspondence and other activities will not be seen by those to whom it is not intended. The main thing - do not forget to press the "Exit" button at the end of the work. Thanks to the settings you can edit access to your page, allow or deny to write messages to you, comment posts and photos.

Hacking pages

However, the absolute majority of usersfaced with the fact that they were hacked at least once by "Classmates". What to do in this case? The first question that arises in the victim: "Who and why could it do this?" Well, firstly, so beginners can haggle. And secondly, spammers work in a similar way. Let's say that they hacked "Classmates". What to do on your page to an unauthorized person? The spammer uses extraneous accounts to send out advertisements, viruses and fraudulent offers, paired with pumping from unsuspecting people of finance. For example, friends on your behalf may be asked to send money to an allegedly owned phone or bank card, messages with a useful program that will bring them a virus, etc. Also, the owner of the profile may become their victim. When you try to access your page, he will be denied access, but will offer alternative options, through which you can buy a stream of endless advertising on your phone or lose an unlimited amount of money.

log in site classmates

Resuscitation of the page

It should be extremely alert, if youcracked "classmates." What should I do to restore your personal page? First of all, it is worth cleaning the history of the Internet browser. It is best to do this with special programs like "Cliner", but there will be enough options in the settings (upper right corner). Then the machine needs to be restarted, this will allow it to completely "digest" the changes that have occurred. Then, with the help of an electronic mailbox or phone number used when registering on the network, replace the previous password with a new one. To do this, click on the "Forgot Password" button and follow the prompts. More reliable are combinations of small and large letters mixed with numbers.

hacked classmates what to do

Prevention of break-ins

If once you have already cracked "Classmates"What should I do to prevent this from happening again? Set yourself a quality antivirus. Do not enter the Internet without making sure that the protection is active. Periodically change the passwords to the page and the mailbox using reliable combinations that are not tied to the date of birth or other dates that are easy to calculate. Do not trust the login, password and other data to strangers and do not disclose them on any resources. These measures will significantly reduce the chances of burglars to profit from you. And one more tip. After restoring the account, set the status that your page was attacked, or notify your friends in a different way. This will avoid insults and misunderstandings, because you do not know what exactly happened on your page and what mailings from it were sent.

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