How to bet on Dota2Lounge? How to bet on "DotA 2": step by step guide

Games - this is not just entertainment, behind whichmany do not mind spending a few hours in order to pass the time or to spend it pleasantly. Practically from the very beginning, the game sphere gradually developed into an "industry", someone started to make business out of this (not from the release of games, but from their popularity), and someone seriously thought about taking a step further. Thus, from everyday games, a whole competitive discipline has turned out. Of course, 15-20 years ago no one could think of e-sports, they were just small regional tournaments, with incredibly small prize money. No ads, no sponsors, no predictions - just games of two teams that play together only a couple of days, or even hours. But it all began.


how to bet on dota2lounge

The games could not stay in the shadows for long: too many fans, too many fans to play in them, and even money in this area began to grow. And these small, uninviting tournaments that could be called "a game of interest", began to grow into something more - e-sports. Now tournaments have become not just a good way to make money, they have united thousands of players from all over the world, because from that moment they are moving to a new level. Now the players looked like real sports stars - they had a lot of fans, rolled around the world, to win back tournaments and win their prize. They had sponsors who paid them for advertising, managers, directors, and out of the ordinary team they grew into an entire organization with an official logo, name and staff. For the first time there is the Star Series, thanks to which many newcomers could make their way to the big stage, step by step through all the series (like the League in football) to the cherished professional series. Teams are becoming more and more players, too, and the number of fans is constantly growing. Tournaments begin to resemble real World Championships (for example, The International 4, which collected almost 11 million dollars in prize money and more than 20 million viewers!).

Real sport

Like any sport, games like Dota 2 (Dota2) already become an object of various transactions. For example, sports betting. One of the first sites that perfectly established their communication with the Steam system was the site, through which players could bet on their predictions of certain matches from the pro scene their items (in "DotA 2" they are given out for games / fall out of chests / are obtained in the form of a gift, etc.). However, someone like this system was stumped. Many players did not know how to bet on Dota 2. was for them a new service. Let's try to figure out how it works.

General information

how to bet on dota 2

The article will help you figure out how to do it.the DotA2 rate. A step-by-step guide will be most accurate and complete so that you can understand the whole process. To begin with, you should understand that not all the items you can put. There are items that can not be transferred (they can be donated to you), so you can use only those that you can trade on the Steam Trading Platform. Let's figure out how to bet on dota2lounge (for beginners, the article will be especially useful).

Not so long ago somechanges, so be aware that this article takes everything into account and is done with a note: "Guide to rates, updated." Dota2 lounge constantly invents new ways to make the betting process the most comfortable and protected.

Step 1

how to bet on dota2lounge for newbies

Start the guide at the rates on from the first time you hit the site. The matter is that for the beginning it is necessary to understand the site. Only after a general introduction can you understand how to bet on dota2lounge. This may seem unusual, but you do not need to register with it. It is enough to log in through the Steam system, confirm this procedure with your mailbox. Now you can use the site service through your official account, to which all items from your inventory are tied. On this site you can make a lot of bets on the game "Dota2". Bets on money in pure form are not accepted (items cost money, you do not put money directly, but objects), if you want to play for real finance, then you need to find another service.

Step 2

Now we need to understand the site a little. To start, translate it into Russian (in the upper right corner there is a menu with flags, select the flag of the Russian Federation), so that it is clearer. On the menu that opens to you from above, do not pay any attention. The site is conditionally divided into two columns: to the left of us the proposed deals are other players who are ready to exchange their belongings for yours.

bid guide at dota2lounge
It works on the principle of a public offer:you either agree to this exchange, if you have the necessary items, or simply ignore the entire left column. It is small, so it does not throw it into the eyes. How to bet on dota2lounge? Everything is very simple. In the right column we have small menus showing the logos of two teams, matches with which either already go (then the menu is signed in green letters Live from above), or just begin (the approximate time through which the match will begin is also indicated). Also on this menu is the percentage of voters (ie, 30% for Team A versus 70% for Team B). This immediately helps you decide on the issue of risks and the amount of winnings. If you bet on a team with a coefficient of 0.3 (30%), then if it wins you will get much more things (instead of one thing at once 3, for example), but the risk of losing from this team is very high. So, before you bet on dota2lounge, carefully read the commands you want to put: their games for the last month, mood, composition and so on. More analyze, if you want to win. Click on any match that is not yet completed (the completed matches are at the bottom), if there are 5 minutes left before the match, you can not make a bet. Now you go to the next page.

Step 3

guide to rates updated dota2 lounge

On the new page you will see:on the right - all the items that the players put on the left - a more extended version of the previous menu. It will accurately reflect the number of things you will receive in case your bet wins. At the bottom there will be a broadcast screen, but it will appear only when the match starts. Further, if you do not know how to bet on dota2lounge, and moreover, if you make a bet for the first time, you will have to confirm your trading URL. The link to it will be at the bottom of our menu. After clicking on the link, drop the screen to the bottom, and there will be a url-address, which must be copied and pasted into the window under the menu. With the help of this link you will be contacted directly by the bot (computer intelligence) of the site for exchange. Next, choose the team you want to bet to by clicking on it in the menu, and then click on the "Make a bet" button. You will be transferred to the window, which will reflect all your items available for bets, there you choose those things that you want to put. The rarity of things also plays a role. After selecting things, press the "Make a bet" button and wait. After a few seconds, a new window will appear in the lower left corner, in which you will have to click on the proposed link. You will be taken to the next link in the browser, in which there will be an open exchange. Your items for the bet are automatically placed in the exchanger with the bot, so you only need to accept the exchange. This completes the stage of the bet.

Step 4

dota2 rates on money

Now we just have to wait for the results of the match.If your bet won - pick up the prize money (including your own). To do this, go back to the match (or to the link at the top of the "My Bets" site) and do the reverse operation, ie, transfer all items to your window and click "Take". After that, the window in the lower left corner will be displayed again, only now, after clicking on the link, the bot will return the items to you. Even if your bet has lost, you can still keep a certain number of items, especially if the team you have placed on was at a disadvantage (only 25-30% of all bets were placed on it). But the risk of losing expensive items in this case is still very high. On the contrary, if you bet on a team with a bet percentage higher than 85, then it is unlikely that you will get things even if your bet wins.

Pleasant rates

how to bid dot2 walkthrough

Thus, a step-by-step explanation of how to bet on dota2lounge is over.

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