How to sell on eBay? Learn how to spice up your business in just 7 easy steps

The Internet is currently crowdedon-line shops that skillfully call customers, advertising their range in all available ways. That is why the sale of services and goods through the world wide web is not surprising to anyone. Especially popular are auctions, such as eBay, "Hammer", "Aukro", "Allegro." Relive your business in just 7 simple steps by selling items from auctions! Can I sell on eBay and what should I do to activate my account?

First steps

how to sell on ebay
Before you sell anything on eBay,you need to become a direct participant in the auction. The registration procedure costs 30 cents. For such a ridiculous amount of your product will be able to see millions of potential buyers.

Buy a credit card in your name. It will be needed to identify your identity and confirm that you are over 18 years old. Having completed the registration, you can start to form an offer to sell your goods.

We form a proposal

How to sell goods on eBay easily? Form a unique offer by studying the market. To do this, review descriptions of a similar product from other sellers, find out which photos are uploaded, what description is attached and what is missing in it. The characteristic should clearly describe the goods. When writing it, it is extremely important to highlight not only positive but also negative aspects of it.

Set up an auction

Activate the button Sell ("Sell"), whichis located on the top of the page. The Sell Your Item page will be loaded when you click it. This form must be filled out each time before selling anything on eBay. After filling in all required fields, including the name of the product and its description, as well as uploading photos, you must specify the minimum bid - this is an auction step if there is a demand from any bidder. It is important to remember that eBay Picture service accepts only one photo of the product for free, all the subsequent ones - 15 cents. In the end, indicate the time period during which your goods will be put up for auction.

how to sell goods on ebay


Go to Shipping & Payment Terms(terms of shipment and payment), specify the method that suits you, separately - the address for payment and sending the goods. The boxes on the cost of shipping are required. If necessary, you can write instructions for the transfer. Before you sell your product on eBay, make sure that all fields are filled in correctly, because from the moment you confirm the information entered, your product will be put up for auction.

Upon completion of the auction to your email addressthe letter with the indication of the winner and the address of delivery of the goods will be sent. After you receive a notice of payment, the goods must be sent to the buyer at the specified address.

can i sell on ebay

If before selling your product on eBay,you have chosen a credit card as payment, then for security purposes, the funds transferred by the buyer to your account will first be credited to eBay accounts, which you will receive an e-mail notification. After the buyer receives his order, the eBay system will transfer the money to your credit card. Active sales!

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