LetyShops Cacheback Service: reviews, features & services

The appearance of the Internet in many ways changed the liferights. With it, it became possible not only to search for the necessary information, but also to watch movies and other content, listen to music, download useful programs, games, communicate between people at a distance and, of course, purchase different products. Now, in order to buy something, it is not necessary to leave the house. In addition, the World Wide Web, you will get a much larger range than on the shelves of the usual stores. And given the fact that the owner of the trading floor does not need to pay for the premises and wages to employees, the purchase will cost you much cheaper. In addition, it is possible to order products directly from the country of origin.

Online stores regularly pamper their customersshares and special offers. In addition, the network literally "grows" independent services that help save on purchases on the Internet. One of these is the LacyShops cashback. Reviews about the resource are mostly positive, and satisfied customers day after day is becoming more. Let's talk about the features of the service and what services it provides.

What is a cashback service and how does it work?

The principle of operation of any cashbacker is quite simple. You make purchases in the online store, with which the service cooperates. After this, you return a fixed percentage of the price of the goods. Why and who needs it? The fact is that the store itself pays a percentage of the purchases of customers, which attracted the service. And only then the site-cashbacker "shares" its profit with customers. The size of payments can vary from the size and the untwisted site. So, LetyShops is one of the largest keshkers and cooperates with more than 980 stores of various categories. Do not trust small-scale services that work for a relatively short period of time. There is a great risk that he will receive his interest, but the buyer himself will not pay anything. However, this is not to say about LetyShops. Reviews about the site are very positive, the percentage of payments is great, and the support service is always ready to answer any questions from the user. We proceed to registration.

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Use of any service begins withregistration. Consider ways to create an account in LetyShops and find out if they are practical. So, go to the site https: The feedback from most users is about the security and correct use of the site, so you should not worry about it.

You can register for two simpleways: by entering E-mail and password or through social networks such as Vkontakte,, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Google+ or Yandex. A distinctive feature of the service is that it offers newbie cash-backers to make a trial purchase in a fictitious store, so that they understand the system of work.

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Browser extension

LetyShops also proposes to establish its ownextension for the browser. Using it, when you go to the site of one of the online stores, you will immediately see if it is a partner of this cashback service. If it is - this will be indicated by a small icon near the Internet address. You can activate the refund mode immediately. This reminds many users of the possibility of a cashback. In addition, such icons can indicate problems that have arisen during the operation of the LetyShops service. Reviews allow you to conclude that users are happy with the extension for the browser. Buyers like to control the balance, they say it's convenient when all your favorite stores are at hand. In addition, they have the opportunity to use the services of LetyShops, without going to his site, but simply through the online store. This feature is available to all owners of Google Chrome, Safari, Yandex.Browser and Opera.

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How to make a purchase with LetyShops

By going to the service page, you will see a section"Shops with cashback." You can immediately view the entire list and select a specific category, for example "For children" or "Chinese products". It also indicates the percentage of upcoming payments, on this site it is quite large - 5-8%. There are also stores with a cashback of about 10%. After you click on the selected store, you will be provided with a link to go to his site. Many newcomers think that it's enough to just register in the system to get a refund. However, experienced users warn: it is important to go to the store's website by clicking on the LetyShops link. That is, the scheme of your actions should be as follows:

  • go to the LetyShops service;
  • choose a store;
  • go to the link provided;
  • You buy the goods.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult indo shopping with Reviews about stores you can read right there, on the site, and under each store separately. In addition, you can leave a comment and tell us about the vexations about the cache return from various sites. It is important to note that in order to correctly navigate through the link, you must disable the add-on in the browser or add the site to your favorites. Addblok can block the transition to the stores for a specific link, and as a result, you will not be charged.

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How to receive the proceeds?

The amount of money returned can always be viewed when you log into your LetyShops account. From above you will see your nickname and balance. Clicking on it, you can enter into the "My Account".

Money will be transferred to your account onlyafter the purchase is completed. For example, if you take one of the major Chinese sites "Alyexpress", with which the service cooperates, then you should expect an average of 30-50 days to buy. Only after the delivery of the parcel to the buyer and confirmation of receipt of the receipt, LetyShops charges interest on the account.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 500 rubles.Users say that the service is good because the methods of withdrawal are diverse: you can withdraw money to a bank card, to one of electronic payment systems and even to a mobile phone account.

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Affiliate program Letyshops: reviews

Now that you have learned about the basic services of the site, it is worth saying a few words about its other advantages.

What else attracts users cashback serviceLetyShops? Reviews say that customers are satisfied with the site's affiliate program. It's called "Bring a friend." Each registered customer has his own referral link. If your friend registers on it, you get interest from his purchases too. It's nice, is not it?

We told you about LetyShops service. Reviews about the site users leave only positive. After reading them, we can conclude that this resource is really worthy of praise.

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