How to make more subscribers VKontakte: five effective ways

how to make more subscribers vkontakte

Currently, the social network VKontakteis on the first position in the list of the most visited Russian-language sites. Therefore, a page with a high level of views on this resource can be used as a quality advertising platform for your website and become an excellent tool for its promotion. Traffic, attracted to VKontakte, can surpass search queries several times, the only thing you need is subscribers. How to make a lot of VKontakte subscribers? The following five ways and tips will help achieve the desired result.


VKontakte recently launched a new optiontransform applications for the addition of friends to simple subscribers. This is a great way to get VKontakte subscribers free. The key aspect of this method is getting a large number of applications to friends. Declare yourself: leave requests in the comments of the posts of various groups, in every possible way let us know about your desire to "make friends". In addition, in different groups according to your interests, you can select several people and send them an application for addition to friends. Applications of this kind per day can be sent no more than 20. Before sending applications, it is important to study the pages of these people, to make sure that they fit you according to interests, views, and on their pages there are no repulsive photos and nothing that causes suspicion.

Games as a way to increase subscribers

how to make many subscribers vkontakte
A huge number of applications are gathering aroundyourself thousands and millions of players. It is games - one of the options for solving the issue of how to make more subscribers VKontakte. Install the most popular applications on your page, pass 10-20 levels, so that other players understand that you are a real person. Join the community of applications you play, communicate with other players. After a while, you can surely wait for applications from friends from new acquaintances, and your applications will not be rejected. Do not forget to translate your friends into subscribers. This method of how to make more VKontakte subscribers is slow and time consuming, but definitely winning.

The actual theme of the group is the key to success

how to wind up subscribers in contact for free

Such a simple counter, as the name of the group, canbecome an excellent decision on how to make more subscribers VKontakte. The theme of the group should be relevant, for example, the names of famous movies and TV shows - an excellent solution. Currently, search engines show results as follows: first the movie, and after it - the same name groups. Therefore, even if a small number of people are subscribed to the group, it will still appear in the search results of, and other search engines. And this means that after a while subscribers will be more.

Watch your group

Do not leave your community alone. Invent contests, leave comments, arrange surveys and publish interesting photos, clips. It is important to constantly warm up the interest of the existing audience, and then new subscribers will not keep you waiting.

Programs and Services

There are special programs that will helpto decide the question of how to make more subscribers of VKontakte. The original software is quite affordable, inexpensive, but adding new and updating existing features is always paid. However, this is a good option for attracting the initial audience.

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