Light background as a factor of increasing site traffic

Have you ever thought about the meaning of color? Of course, more than once - choosing clothes for yourself, the color of the tile in the bathroom and the walls in the nursery or living room. We live in a color world, so psychology and physiology are important to us. Light background is most often used in classical designs - from paintings to furniture. It calms, tones up the working atmosphere, helps focus on surrounding objects and isolate them from the outside world. Light backgrounds are often used in any printed production: you probably faced with the fact that magazines or newspapers where design inversion is applied (for example, white on a black background) are harder to read.

light background
The human eye is so arranged that itperceives a dark background not as a basis, a substrate, but as independent information. Analyzing research on the human eye, scientists have established that the brightness is most influenced by the amount of the blue component in the colors, and the contrast is affected by the three components in the same way. This means that the green color used on the white background will be perceived much worse than blue, visible as the darkest. In the case of contrast text, the situation is the opposite.

Until recently, in the design of sites, althougha light background prevailed, but the scheme "black background - light text" was popular. However, it often did not justify itself: first, most popular fonts were designed with the idea of ​​displaying (or printing) on ​​a white background. This is why an element such as the thickness of a line is rarely adapted for display in a dark environment. This leads to an optical narrowing of the text. Therefore, if it is important to you how your visitors perceive your site (and this can not not bother you, since the conversion and promotion to top positions directly depends on attendance and readability), choose a light background.

bright background for the site
Pay attention to the sites of competitors or thoughwould simply be on the most visited and convenient portals (in your opinion). You often find a light background on any business website: it is characteristic that blue and green are used for websites about business or for the resources of polyclinics, hospitals, sanatoriums. For news portals, the classical scheme with a white background is increasingly being selected. Sites about real estate or investments are also performed in green and yellow colors, and most often a light background - without any drawings, logos, special effects - justifies its purpose.

Bright on the site should be those elements on thewhich you want to pay special attention (for example, the buttons "buy", "subscribe", "go"). Templates in which a light background - white and cold shades, perfectly suited to the business theme of any portal. A warm - beige, light yellow, cream, gently-lilac - often used for children's websites and portals (online magazines, forums) for women.

The psychological effect of lightbackground for the site is simple: a person is not distracted by a secondary, he does not need painfully screw up his eyes, look for the necessary information - everything is transparent and accessible. Therefore, the conversion of advertising on these sites is higher.

light backgrounds
Light background is perfect for any blog. Whether you are blogging on the WordPress engine or the portal on Drupal, pay attention to the templates that are convenient for the visitor. And if you want to make a template yourself, do not overdo it with bright effects. The snow on the site or the falling stars is, maybe, beautiful, but only for a split second, then it will start to irritate the visitor, and he will hurry to leave. Therefore, think first of all about the convenience of navigation and perception, and, of course, about the content.

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