How to remove the advertisement from "Avito": instruction

Sellers very often think about how with "Avito"remove ad. This question is not so difficult. The main thing is to know where to start. In principle, this feature is rarely required. But it has a place to be. And now we have to figure out what it will take to accomplish the task. Let's start studying the issue as soon as possible.

how to delete an ad


The first thing that will help to understand howremove an ad from Avito, is authorization. Without it, the idea can not be realized. If you suddenly forgot your login or password, and you can not restore it - you'll have to leave the idea behind.

But if you have access to your account, visitthe main page of the trading virtual network. On the right side of the screen, click on the "Sign In" button. You will have a window for entering authorization data. Fill them in and click on "Login". The first step on the road to success is done. You can think about how to remove the announcement from Avito.

My profile

Now you have the opportunity to enter your"Personal Area". This is a kind of profile name on the site. Click on the inscription in the upper right corner (or in your name). A page will open in the center of which all your active ads will be published.

What to do next? For example, highlight those posts that need to be removed. You can use both a single case and mass notations. In the left part of the screen, each message will have a window. If you click on it, a checkmark appears. We mark everything that interests us in this way. Are you ready? We think further, as with "Avito" remove the announcement.

how to delete an advert with avito

In the case where you need to get rid of only onefast, just tick it only. Next, choose the reason for the deletion, according to which the published data became irrelevant. The easiest way to write is that the deal was completed. To complete the stage, it is enough after the done manipulations to choose "Remove from publication".

In the course of the action, the ads will be removed from thetrading platform. But the question is not settled yet. The thing is that on "Avito" remote ads from the site are placed in a special folder. And there is stored for a while. So, to finally get rid of them, there is still something to do.

Down with the service

In the "Personal account" there is a section such as"Completed ads." There are publications that have lost their relevance. And only after cleaning this folder can be considered posts permanently erased from the service.

How to remove "Avito" after the premiseits in the "Completed"? It is enough to re-enter this section and mark all posts with checkmarks. At the very bottom of the window will appear a button called "Delete Forever". Click on it - and the problem is solved.

All attached photos, as well as addresses,phones and tests, will be deleted along with the message. And they can not be restored. So before you deal with the task, think about whether you might need to restore the ad. Yes? In this case, leave the publications in the "Completed" folder.

Avito remote ads

To do nothing

If the removal of the ad is not so for youimportant, you can just wait until the process happens automatically. The thing is that after a month the posts are moved to the "Completed" folder. And after a while (about 4 weeks) irrevocably removed.

By the way, before that, by e-mail to youa message will come with a warning about the ongoing manipulations. You can undo them or speed up with your own manual removal of the post. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in the matter. Remember that only a registered user is able to solve this problem. Other people's ads can not be deleted. Only their own. Now we know how to remove Avito from the ad - temporarily or permanently. Nothing difficult.

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