Earnings at the input of captcha. How to make money on the Internet for a beginner?

Among the many ways to generate income inNovice networks often choose earnings at the input of captcha. This method does not require special skills and is suitable even for schoolchildren. From this article you will find out where you can effectively earn money by entering Captcha and how to withdraw money from the system.

What is captcha?

A mechanism that protects websites from spam bots,called captcha (from the English captcha). It is a chaotic set of numbers, letters and symbols in the picture. Captcha input is the transfer of a picture from the image format to the text format. Such a mechanism can often be found during registration at forums, on social networks or when entering personal information in an electronic wallet. The essence of using protective images is to confirm the identity of a person when registering or performing certain actions on the network. After all, the robot is able to recognize only text symbols, but not raster images.

cash on hand

In order to spam bots could bypass protectionon the sites, it was decided to create special services for manual capture of captcha by real people. After all, captcha input is a time-consuming and time-consuming process, one that is difficult for one person to cope with.

Earning on the input of captcha

Webmasters came up with a practical applicationthe CAPTCHA mechanism and made it possible to earn money from this for ordinary Internet users. Earnings at the introduction of captcha is a manual filling of forms by a real person to create a database of keys for spammers. The way in which these keys will be used later, a common citizen, as a rule, is not interested. The main thing is that on such a simple action as reprinting images, you can make good money.

earnings on entering captcha

Earnings on the input of captcha can be realized ononline services, allowing in the shortest time to collect the minimum amount for withdrawal to an electronic wallet or mobile phone account. The most famous and reliable site for the Runet for this type of earnings is the Rucaptcha project.

The most reliable resource for cash on cash

Rucaptcha has won the trust of users yeta few years ago, when the topic of earning in the network was just starting to gain momentum. For registration in the system it is enough to enter login, e-mail, WMR-purse number and come up with a strong password.

Earnings on automatic capture of captcha canstart immediately after registering on Rucaptcha. To do this, just click on the "Get Started" button in your account. However, the speed of updating the images will depend on the workload of the system. For example, in the evening the site will be very overloaded with users, so pictures will be loaded slowly, which will negatively affect the rate of earnings. Therefore, it is best to make earnings on the CAPTCHA on the weekdays, when there will be much more free images to enter.

How much can you earn on entering CAPTCHA?

For an hour of active work, even the inexperiencedthe user can enter at least 250 combinations of numbers, letters and symbols. For each such combination (depending on its complexity) the system pays from 1 to 10 cents. That is, for an hour of work, earnings on a cappu will bring up to 25 rubles. Having spent the evening on entering the captcha, you can get 100 rubles for your WebMoney wallet. In addition, such a simple job will significantly improve the speed of printing.

earnings on automatic capture of captcha

Of course, 100 rubles for several hours of activework can not be considered a serious earnings in the network. To create your own website or perform tasks as a freelancer you can earn much more serious money. That is why the founders of the Rucaptcha project have thought through a competent referral program that allows you to earn several times more in captcha.

Referral program Rucaptcha

The essence of any referral program isinviting new users to the project. To do this, it is enough to send a person his / her invitation (referral) link, according to which he must register and start working. Invite people to the project will not be difficult, because newcomers willingly take up any work on the Internet, which is capable of bringing real money. After all, this is very urgent now, when a huge number of fraudulent resources appeared on the network.

earnings on a kapcha machine

From each invited user to the accountReferrer will pass 10% of earnings referral. That is, if the referral earns 100 rubles on the project, the referrer will automatically receive 10 rubles to his account. Accordingly, if you invite 10 people who will show daily activity for such a simple job, you can receive 100 rubles of passive earnings daily. 3000 rubles per month on referrals - this is an excellent income for any newcomer in the field of online business, given that this method does not require special skills and abilities.

How to withdraw the earned money?

The advantage of the system is automaticPayments, thanks to which users do not need to wait for the administrator's decision to withdraw money. All earnings with a machine can be withdrawn to your e-wallet WebMoney. To do this, it is enough to indicate its number when registering and in the process of working to collect the minimum amount for withdrawal. On the site Rucaptcha, this amount is only 15 rubles without a commission system.

earnings on the Internet captcha

If the user does not have an electronic wallet, thenmoney can always be deduced on the balance of a mobile phone, which is also very convenient as an additional earning in the network. In addition, with mobile payments today you can make purchases and pay for various services.

Nowadays, to form an additional sourceincome allows you to earn money on the Internet. Kapcha is a real proof that even a beginner without special skills can earn good money online.

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