Earnings on "Kiwi-wallets". How not to lose your money

Easy money always attracted a person. With the invention of the Internet, we have many chances to earn without any effort or investment. But fraud in the network is much more than real ways to generate revenue. "Kiwi-purse" is positioned as one of the tools that can help in earning a living. Let's see if this method of enrichment is real, or we are dealing with another scam in the network.

What is "Kiwi-purse"?

For those who are not familiar with the topic, we will holda little digression. QIWI ("Kiwi") is a popular payment service. To start using it, you need to go through a simple procedure for registering a personal wallet. Further it can be replenished in various ways: through the terminal, by transfer from another purse or online transfer from the bank account. After replenishment, you can use electronic money at your discretion - on purchases on the Internet, payment for services, direct transfer to another user of the Kiwi system.

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The withdrawal of funds is as simple as that. It is possible to make a transfer from your "Kiwi-purse" to a Visa or MasterCard payment system. A small commission is charged for this operation.

Is it possible to earn money on the Internet on the "Kiwi-purse"

But there is a category of people who are not limited to using this tool for translations and calculations on the Internet. Many people are looking for a way to have a real income on the Kiwi-purse.

New methods of obtainingincome in this sphere, while the old ones cease to function over time. If you are interested in such a topic, you should find out the latest information on how you can earn money on Kiwi. Feedback from network users who have successfully mastered the method is the best source of information, but remember that scammers can spread false reports that can be misleading.

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Earnings on "Kiwi Vouchers". Reality or deception?

Those who were interested in the issue of obtainingInternet income, probably met the offer to make money on "Kiwi Vouchers." The principle is to buy a special voucher in the system and send it to the "magic" e-mail address of the system itself. The whole principle of this income is the promise of a return of the same funds, only in a double volume.

Is such a real profit for "Kiwi"? Yes, indeed, some, having sent 1 ruble, in a few minutes received on their purse the promised 2. Should I continue?

The principle of a fraudulent scheme

The tactics of scammers are based on the greed of peopleand their desire for easy money. Once or twice, having received a double reward for the "Kiwi Voucher" sent, a person gets confidence in this scheme, and, wishing to earn as much as possible, sends a significant amount to the "miracle-purse". This is where he is disappointed. Often the answer to this gesture of good will no longer follows. Scammers are economical people, they are not used to losing money, unlike ordinary seekers of quick earnings on the Internet.

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But where does the credibility of this method come from?income generation? To attract more naive citizens to their scheme, scammers create a video that shows the whole process of obtaining a double sum. The secret is that "Kiwi-purses" in such Internet-directors are not one, but two. Sending the amount from one purse to another purse-doubler, he then himself automatically drops a multiplied sum. Call these dummy-addresses using the term Kiwi to give out the system address of the payment service.

Another point that can put to sleepthe vigilance of the seeker of easy money, is a mass of positive feedback on the work of the method. Under the presentations of fraudulent schemes, a lot of praise comments have been written, and for some, they are the decisive factor that encourages luck.

In order not to fall for the bait, let's ask ourselves two questions:

  • Why should the Kiwi system multiply your money? It's just a payment service, not a lottery with prizes for everyone. And you do not perform any useful work, for which there should be a reward.
  • If you found a real method to receive money from the air, would you create a detailed instruction how to do it, and offer all who want to use it?

Think about it, and the right decision will come by itself.

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An alternative way to earn with the help of "Kiwi-wallet"

There are many variations of such schemes on the Internet, but all of them are based on one principle. To get something, you need to send someone some amount of money.

Probably the only way to earn moneyon "Kiwi" without investments is to provide mobile connection replenishment services with a commission. The disadvantage is the extremely low profitability of this method. To accomplish everything is quite simple. It is necessary to register yourself a "Kiwi-purse", replenish it, and offer everyone wishing to replenish the mobile balance or transfer to cards and accounts, for which to take a commission. It is this small percentage that will become your income.

Before trying to earn money on"Kiwi-purse" without any investment, remember that losing money on the Internet is much easier than earning them. So think ten times before participating in dubious projects offering golden mountains.

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