How to link "Instagram" to "VC": detailed manual

A large number of users of socialnetworks do not fully understand many aspects of working with some applications. Beginners or non-professionals do not understand all the nuances of setting profiles and information about them, so today's material will not be superfluous. It will be about two, perhaps, the largest mass media of our time - an Internet resource for communication "VKontakte" (hereinafter - "VC") and a network for the exchange of photos and videos "Instagram." More precisely, we will discuss how to tie the "Instagram" to the "VC". We will analyze the simplest ways to accomplish what is desired, so that subsequently posted post on one Internet resource is seen by users of another social network.

Instructions for users of smartphones and tablets

how to tie an instagram to VK

To find the answer to the question of how to bind"Instagram" to "VC", you need to understand that everything depends on the device on which the user prefers to work. First, consider the option when you select a smartphone or tablet as a gadget. Here, the moment of what brand of technique is not important, because the principle is used is the same. So, let's start:

  1. Open the app and your page on the web"Instagram", namely the personal profile. To do this, click on the little man in the lower right corner of the window that opens. If everything is done correctly, you will be on the page where all your personal photos are placed, and in its "cap" will be indicated the individual nickname of the user, which, most likely, you yourself for yourself and came up with.
  2. The next step on the way to linking"Instagram" to "VC" correctly, will click on the icon at the top, again, on the right, which looks like a vertical dots. If you managed to do the above correctly, you will see a shortcut menu.
  3. Now you need to select the "Watch Friends" tab VKontakte. "Do not hesitate to click on it.
  4. Well, the last step in the question of how to link "Instagram" to "VC" will be the filling of personal data in the opened tab.

how to tie an instagram to a group of VK

Congratulations, the goal is achieved.

Linking the "VKontakte" page to the "Instagram": reposting files

And now consider the way how to bindpage in the "VC" to "Instagram", that is, we will do absolutely the same as described in the block above, only this time we will automatically re-post photos and videos of the two services simultaneously. In other words, if you put anything in the Instagram, your friends will immediately see it in the "VC". Go:

  1. Being in the personal profile of Instagram,find the context menu with the settings. Again, click on three vertical dots located on the main page of the account and get into the options menu.
  2. Let's open the opened page to the tab "Linked accounts" and put a tick on it.
  3. The next step is to fill in the personal information in the open window.

how to tie a page in a wk to an instagram

Now each post is not left unnoticed.

Integration of the "Instagram" profile with the "VK"

The last point, which we shall consider today,there will be a question on how to tie the "Instagram" to the "VK" group. Unfortunately, the developers of both applications did not take care of the function, which would immediately perform such an operation. However, there are third-party applications, of which there are many, which will help to link the page of "Instagram" to a group of users in the social network "VKontakte". Today we will consider this variant of combining accounts using the service.

Registration and setup

It is not difficult to do this, but it is necessary to spendmore time than in the first two cases considered. So, first you need to go to the site of the application developer and go through a fast and fairly easy registration. In the future you will be transferred to the personal cabinet of the newly created profile, where there is a huge amount of personal settings. Thanks to the easy interface of the program, even a beginner can easily figure out how to tie Instagram to the "VK" group. And he will be able to set the necessary priorities and parameters at his own discretion.

We hope that the question of how to tie Instagram to the VC is now clear and closed.

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