Quick Start Guide: How to Use "FaceBook"

It is difficult to imagine a modernan Internet user who does not know what social networks are. "VKontakte" and "Classmates" are exactly the sites on which we spend most of our time. But this is not the whole list of popular social networks. In foreign countries, for example, everyone uses Facebook. And if you also want to try it, but the interface seems somewhat complicated and incomprehensible to you, we'll show you how to use Facebook.

how to use facebook

Facebook is ...

Let's first understand what is"Facebook". This is a global social network that comes from America. She is the prophetess of the well-known in Russia and the nearest countries network "VKontakte", which appeared later. And its creator, Pavel Durov, took the idea from the founder of "Facebook" - Mark Zuckerberg.

Invented "Facebook" was in 2004 the usuala student at Harvard University. How to use "Facebook", yet no one knew. And at first it served as a means of communication between different students of this, and later of other universities. And only after Facebook began to enjoy great popularity, it was decided to open it for the whole world. It happened in 2008. At the same time, the Russian-speaking population of the planet learned about how to use Facebook.

How to register

Registration in a social network does not take muchtime and is absolutely free. To create a page on Facebook, it's enough to have an e-mail address and preferably a mobile phone number.

what is facebook
To register, you need to go to the main page of the site, select the appropriate section and authentically fill out the submitted fields of the questionnaire. You should specify:

  • first and last name;
  • E-mail address;
  • password;
  • What's your gender;
  • date of birth.

After that, the mailbox should comespecial letter. You must open it and confirm the registration. Everything, with the main task you coped. Now you are part of another social network.

We fill in information about ourselves

In order for your friends, acquaintances, colleagues,classmates and relatives could quickly find you, you need to make information about yourself more fully and reliably. You can specify your name in Russian and English. Two options will allow you to quickly find you in the search. Information about where you study or work is also important, because thanks to this you will be able to find a large part of your environment.

how to write a message in facebook
If the information is correctly filled in, the systemwill automatically filter out users and prompt you to add some of them to your friends. They are selected according to the principle of similarity of the data presented: a single educational institution or place of work, as well as by the number of common friends.

One of the most important steps is the addition of an avatar. It is through photography that you are first recognized and distinguished from numerous namesakes.

If you want to provide about yourself as possiblemore information to, for example, find new comrades in the interests or to get acquainted with the opposite sex, this too can be easily done. Add the following data:

  • place of residence;
  • marital status;
  • political preferences;
  • religion;
  • favorite quotes, movies and books, etc.

How to use

After all the information in your profilefilled, you can move to the operational part and master the operating principle of this social network. To understand how to use Facebook is not difficult. Over time, each action will be worked out to automatism, and the interface will become painfully familiar, you'll be guided with your eyes closed. But if you are an inexperienced user, you need to know the general plan of action.

How to write a message in Facebook:

  • go to the "Friends" tab and select the desired recipient from the offered list;
  • go to the page of the person who needs to write, and at the top right (just below the avatar) click on the "Message";
  • In the dialog box that appears, you can write everything you need and press Enter to send.

create a page in facebook
Another important aspect, whichnecessary, is the privacy of your profile. You need to go to the settings of the page and select the privacy graph. There, in front of the necessary elements of the interface (a block of photographs, friends, videos, etc.) you need to tick off. And then these sections will be inaccessible to unauthorized users.

"Facebook" - a global interesting social network. Register and get comfortable in it will be superfluous for everyone. And to make it easy and simple.

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