Genesis Mining: reviews, service overview and features

Reviews about cloud mining Genesis Mining andratings of the service on various forums and blogs put him in the top three, and sometimes even on the first place in the list of the most stable and highly profitable ways of investing in the crypto currency. Let's check why today many users work with this platform for simplified mining.

genesis mining reviews

Is not it scam?

Of course, there are also unflattering reviews about - the Russian-language site of the company of the same name. Usually they are supported by the arguments that the company actually has nothing to do with the crypto currency, but is a regular financial pyramid. Such mistrust in the Russian segment of cloud services caused several unpleasant fraudulent schemes that operated for several years, stealing and deceiving tens of thousands of users.

genesis mining ru feedback

The company's website contains the address of the office,which the administration willingly invites to visit each potential client to decide whether to invest or not. The office is located in the capital of Iceland - Reykjavik. There is also one of the company's data centers, a video from which you can view on the site. Alas, getting inside or finding out the address is not possible for security reasons. According to representatives in Iceland, there are at least two additional data centers.

Read this information and reviewsabout you can do it yourself by making the appropriate search query. But already on the basis of this data it can be understood that the company is not just another fraudulent "one-day", but a full-fledged investment tool. Service appeared in 2010, and already for a long time exists and acquired permanent customers.

Why does the majority choose Genesis Mining?

You can not believe the word and registeryourself, to check the real simplicity of the service. To understand it and immediately begin to make a profit, even a beginner who absolutely does not understand in the crypto-currency will be able to. This was achieved thanks to incredible information and ergonomics. At the same time, the work in this web interface is also liked by experienced users. Here you can view detailed statistics, as well as change the settings for mining in real time.

genesis mining com reviews

The advantages of cloud mining from Genesis Mining

  • There is no need to bother with theoretical knowledge about mining, the size of pools and other technical terms.
  • There is no need to purchase expensive equipment and build your own farms.
  • Excludes huge costs for electricity consumption, as well as cooling the room.
  • There is no need to spend money on maintenance of equipment and constantly maintain its stable operation.

genesis mining ru feedback

A variety of crypto currency

In 2014, user reviews of Genesis Miningforced the developers to expand the list of extracted electronic currencies. Until now, only bitcoin could be mined. At the moment the following currencies are available for production:

  • Bitcoin.
  • Lightcoyin.
  • Dash.
  • The ethereum.
  • Monero.
  • 3-CACHE.

For convenience, developers have added the ability to exchange all third-party crypto-currencies for bitcoin when output to a personal purse.

Tariff plans

To start investing and startget a profit, you need to purchase the necessary tariff plan. The most important parameter, which you should pay attention to when selecting, is the allocated power. Tariff plan is a kind of contract, which is concluded for a period of 24 months. During this entire period, you will be deducted the earned digital money on your wallet. The contract can be chosen from the already prepared ones - Small, Medium and Large. Or create a new tariff plan specifically for yourself, indicating the required capacity.


Invest in money for production andthe conclusion of the contract is possible through the payment system MasterCard, Visa, as well as the most crypto currency from the list generated. Payment must be made in US dollars. Please note that the withdrawal of earned funds, is made on bitcoin-purse.

https www genesis mining com reviews

What do you need to know before starting cooperation?

  1. A long-term contract is not a guarantee of higharrived. If you signed a contract for a certain amount of processing power, then in a year this volume will not be able to bring the same income as at the beginning of the contract, due to the increased complexity of calculations that occurs regularly.
  2. In the concluded contract there is a clause,agreeing with which, you accept the condition that the money invested by you can not be received back. At the same time, the service provider can unilaterally terminate the contract and stop providing services, that is, to deprive you of profits and keep your money.
  3. The legal address of the company is in the cityHong Kong, which is an offshore zone for the Russian Federation and a number of other countries. Thus, even if legal agreements are violated, the investigative bodies will not be able to apply any search actions against the company and its employees.
  4. There is an opportunity to increase your income. For this purpose, there is an affiliate program for attracting referrals. All you need to do is bring users to the service who will become regular customers. To do this, they must register with your link. For them you will receive additional bonuses as a percentage of their profits.
  5. At the same time, several species can be minedcrypto currency, distributing computing power in a convenient interface. As the creators of the service say, because of this architecture, where you can make changes in real time, viewing the accumulated funds is impossible. Therefore, you can find out your earnings only when you receive payment for a purse.

How to register on https: // www.

User reviews indicate the simplestregistration process. To begin, visit the official website and get acquainted with the price policy, as well as available offers. Then go to the registration window. Just pay attention to the fact that the service is available in Russian. For successful registration, you only need to provide an email address and password.

Genesis Mining: reviews about the personal account

After a quick registration process you getin a convenient private office. As mentioned above, the cabinet has a very clear structure. Before you get started, go to the "Settings" section and fill out all the information about yourself. For maximum account security, set "Two-factor authentication". This parameter will send an SMS with the code to your number each time you authorize.

https www genesis mining reviews

Another important step is fillinginformation about wallets. Go to the "Purses" tab and enter your own crypto-currency accounts in the required fields. Pay attention to their correctness, since if you make a mistake, the money will go to another account and you will not be able to return it.

Learn more about withdrawing funds

Payments for https www.genesis-mining say that the service does not quite cope with the current load. The payout period was increased to 72 hours. And this means that you can expect a transfer within three days. Payments must be made following the results of each day. Also pay attention to the minimum required for removal. Yes, each crypto currency has its own limit.

Also, representatives of the service officially report on their account in "Twitter" about the currency deficit Monero and Ethereum. But they promise to do everything possible to overcome a small "crisis".

Keep your hand on the pulse

One way is always to find out the actual andtruthful information, as well as feedback on Genesis Mining can be on the official account in the social network "Twitter." In the "Press" section of the official site, you can find information articles and news about crypto-currencies. Also - read reviews about Genesis Mining from well-known and reputable financial organizations that cooperate with the company. There is one more information section - "Blog". There are published the news of the service itself. From these news you can learn about the changes in the work of algorithms, innovations and some convenient functions.

To track the amount of profit in your accountspecial charts are provided for each currency. On them the earned means are fixed daily, and then the curve is formed, which displays the general dynamics.

www genesis mining com reviews


If you are determined to invest inbut are afraid of duties that will fall on you when organizing a personal farm, then Genesis Mining is one of the best services that will free up from topical problems and allow you to focus on effective investments. To start investing, in detail calculate the possible profit, and if you still decide - immediately call your friends on the referral program to regularly receive bonus payments.

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