How to restore messages in a contact

Often, social network users in contact,there is a problem when you need to recover deleted messages. For example, you accidentally deleted the necessary message, which plays a huge role for you, that's how the question of restoring a message in a contact is born. On this topic, users often ask their questions in various forums, trying to find a way to restore the history of messages in contact. While using their account, users delete their messages, but later it turns out that important information was deleted along with messages - message texts, necessary links and photos. If the deletion occurred unintentionally, and you were to blame, it is possible to recover deleted messages using the messages.get function, which will return a list of outgoing messages or incoming messages. But in this way, you can restore messages that have been deleted only - that is, messages that have been deleted previously will not be fully restored. Yes, this means that previously deleted messages in the contact are not completely restored and attempts to learn from site administrators how to restore messages in contact, completely without loss of information, results will not bring.

There is good advice for those who needto restore a tape of correspondence with an individual user or several. In this case, you can refer to this user, and ask them to send the necessary messages - which many do.

Before you can restore messages to a contact,and understand the technology of the recovery process itself, you need to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of this recovery function. You can restore messages in a contact that have just been deleted, and return the current user's message array containing the date, title, read_state, uid, mid, and body fields. If the message is relevant to the conversation, it will contain the fields chat_id - information about the ID conversation of this user, in addition, the chat_active fields, which contain information on the last 6 senders in this conversation, the name of the conversation will denote the title field.

The question of how to recover messages in thecontact, comes unexpectedly and users who do not have sufficient knowledge, linger, it takes a long time before they gather enough information about the recovery procedure. Currently, there is a program for restoring private messages to users in a contact, but it does not restore all messages, but only some of them - which criteria the site uses when translating a message into an undelete file - is unknown to this day. With this program, it is possible to restore messages deleted at any time, during the recovery process, 50% of the lost messages are returned. If these messages are also deleted and subsequently restored in the same way, they will be restored in part. This program requires entering the user's login and password, as it will be necessary to specify a timeout in a special field - at least 1500 msec is recommended. In addition, there is a "range" field in the recovery program window, in which the user displays the range of messages that the program will try to restore. An easy way to know the number of messages is to select the last message sent and move the cursor to the function key of the site - delete it. In the line of the browser you are using, delmsg (X, Y) is displayed, where X is the message number. Thus, to the question of how to restore messages in a contact, if they were deleted after a considerable period of time, at the moment there is no unambiguous 100% answer. Therefore, we can only advise not to delete messages.

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