American online shopping with delivery to Russia. Goods from USA

The global Internet network opens the widestopportunities for humanity. We realized for a long time that we can not only transfer some graphic files to thousands of kilometers, but also broadcast our speech and image in real time, again, at any distance. The case remains for real goods: large delivery services, as well as companies engaged in online trading, are looking for ways to provide an opportunity to also receive their order as soon as possible. After all, judging by all the research, the market for goods and services on the Internet is growing at an incredible rate!

American online shopping with delivery to Russia

The difference in prices and quality

Explain the revival of trade through the Internetfirst of all, the serious difference between the cost of the same thing in the country from which it was brought, where it is sold by intermediaries (of course, with a surcharge). In particular, if you compare American online clothing stores with our online stores offering those same brands from the US, the difference can reach 50-100 percent for one thing! Even if you take into account the cost of delivery, the user still remains in the benefit, if he ordered directly.

Another important point is the quality of the product. It's one thing to buy a thing that is guaranteed to be released under the US market, and another - to buy it in Russia, after hearing the vendors' promises that it is original and high-quality. If the latter can easily deceive (which, judging by the numerous reviews, it happens); then even American online stores with delivery to Russia guarantee the quality of their products with their reputation. And this, in turn, excludes any deception of the buyer in principle.

Chinese and American shops

American online clothing stores

Most often, of course, in the domestic marketgoods appear from two directions - East and West. Two countries - the US and China - are the largest suppliers of global brands. If the first is quality, then the second is the affordable price. Sometimes, by the way, American online clothing stores offer products that were also manufactured in the Middle Kingdom. Therefore, in this plan, the commodity market can really be called "global."

Among the first and second groups, the mostknown and at the same time the most in-demand resources. In particular, among Chinese shops, it is Aliexpress and other services of the TaoBao group; and among American - a group consisting of Amazon, eBay, and others. Of course, there are specialized stores. For example, clothes are offered by AberCrombie, Delias, HollisterCo, GirlsDressShop, PinUpGirlClothing and others. There is also a well-known American online cosmetics store SigmaBeauty, and its "competitors" - PerfumeEmporium, CherryCulture, BHCosmetics, Herb and others. All the mentioned shops carry out direct delivery to Russia.

Delivery difficulties

American online cosmetics store

Why do we list Americanonline shopping with delivery to Russia? The answer is simple - there are not so many of them. Those who have at least once looked for a product in the US market, knows what is at stake. Many stores in the States offer delivery of goods directly across the country, refusing to cooperate with buyers from abroad. Especially rare is shipping to Russia, because, in the event of problems with customs, the store will not be able to influence the fate of the goods in any way and will be forced to make a refund, which will lead to direct losses.

Therefore, in different forums, fans orderproducts from the US you can find a large number of lists of online stores that cooperate with the Russian buyer and deliver. The service is performed by the largest services, like UPS, DHL or EMS.

Companies delivering directly

In addition to those named, there are other Americanonline stores with delivery to Russia. This is 501USA (clothes), Cabelas (clothes, leisure goods), 6PM, Shoebacca (shoes and clothing), REI, DogFunk (sporting goods), WatcheSonnet (accessories), VictoriasSecret (lingerie, accessories), ToysRus (toys for children) and others. There are also thematic stores, like HotMiamiStyles or Rock. In fact, the list of such shops is too large to be quoted in one article. Let's just say that such sites are extremely in demand among Russian customers and they can be found, as already noted above, in many forums where discussions are held on purchases from the United States, as well as on specialized websites. Among them there are inexpensive American online stores (in the clothing sector, for example, ASOS and Next). However, to list them all also fails, because for every customer the concept of "inexpensive store" is individual.

American online shopping in Russian

Just say so: if you want to purchase a quality and affordable item from abroad, you will most likely find a store that will be able to deliver it to you. After all, in order to order it, you do not even need to look for American online stores in Russian: most platforms already have a translated version by default. Even if it is not - Google Translate for websites - to help!


If suddenly you have a situation where youfound the ideal thing for yourself, but the store does not work with Russia, you can always contact the services of intermediaries. In particular, the market has a large number of companies that have offices and warehouses in the US, sending goods to anywhere in the world. There are such services for Russia as well. Their services are relatively inexpensive, and the speed of delivery allows you to receive the item in some 2-3 weeks.

Such intermediaries work simply: you give them a link to the goods and they bring it to the address you indicated in Russia; or you are given the address of the office, you order the goods on it yourself, then ask to forward the item.

Saving and quality

How terrible would not sound the description of the procedureorder goods from abroad, believe me, in fact, this is a normal procedure. You will not lose your money and receive your goods if you follow the elementary rules. At the same time, you can save money on buying and get a quality item. Yes, and by the way, do not forget about the assortment. Obviously, in the States you can order such goods, which Russian suppliers have not even heard of.

cheap American online stores

To make your first order, you need not onlyfind American online shopping with delivery to Russia. You also need to devote this issue to half an hour-an hour of time (which will go into the study of materials) - and you can safely start your online shopping! Oh yes, do not forget to ask friends and relatives if they need anything from stores in the US - because joint delivery will be much cheaper!

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