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Today, thanks to Internet technologies,You can make purchases remotely using the capabilities of your personal computer. This applies not only to clothing and accessories, but even household and personal equipment. The online store, reviews of which can be found on the forums, is one of the most popular portals for buying electronics. In this article, you will learn what you can buy on and how to properly issue and pay for your order.

What can I buy from the online store

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Shop offers its customers a huge selection of laptops, mobile phones, GPS-navigators and other equipment from well-known global brands, without which it's hard to imagine our life today. In addition to a wide range of products, conducts regular promotions and discounts for its customers, which allow you to make purchases much faster and more pleasantly.

The policy of the online store is actively developingan affiliate program that allows not only buying equipment, but also earning. In other words, any client can distribute its referral link in the network. With each sale, a certain percentage of the total purchase price will be transferred to his account. This system is used by many online stores, greatly simplifying the process of promotion of the service and increasing the number of sales.

How to place an order for

To buy your favorite product inonline store, you need to go through a simple registration procedure, after which the order form will become available. To fill the form correctly, you need to fill in the following parameters on

  • The recipient's email address.
  • Method of payment (cash, bank transfer or purchase on credit).
  • Delivery region (Moscow, St. Petersburg or other cities of Russia).
  • Contact details of the recipient (name, phone number and postal address).
  • The number of the discount card or a code word.

After completing the form, the manager contactsthe customer to confirm the information and discuss the time and method of delivery. The store sends the goods to the customer only after paying the full cost of the order.

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Why do I need a code word on

A code word in the online store systemis provided to receive discounts on certain groups of goods. Get the promo code can be on special sites that cooperate with online stores, spreading information about discounts on the network. Simply enter the phrase "codeword for" into the search query, and you will get information about possible discounts and promotions.

In addition to the promo code, you can usea savings discount card that is issued as a gift to all customers at the first purchase in The online store, reviews about the accumulative system which is very positive, calculates bonuses for each purchase. Later, these bonuses can be spent on the next order.

How to pay for an order on

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Internet shop, reviews about which are very popular, offers to pay for orders in the following ways:

  • Payment by cash to the courier upon receipt of the goods.
  • Money transfer to the bank details of the online store.
  • Purchase of goods on credit.

However, one should take into account the cost not only ofgoods, but also delivery, which is calculated separately depending on the region of residence. For example, delivery in Moscow will be about 400 rubles, and delivery to cities in Russia is calculated according to the tariff plan EMS on the site of the Russian Post.

If there is no desire to pay for the delivery, then you can pick up the goods directly from the office In this case, you will only need to pay the purchase price.

If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us.with the managers of the online store Reviews prove that managers always respond quickly to customers' requests and kindly help determine the choice, form of payment and delivery of goods.

How long does the delivery take?

As a rule, delivery in such large cities,as Moscow and St. Petersburg, takes no more than a day. In this case, the free courier personally brings the goods to the house to the customer. If the order is sent by EMS, delivery takes 2 to 7 business days (depending on the distance).

In terms of delivery it is registered that the courier is notowns information on the configuration and operation of technology, so all questions need to be asked in advance to managers of the online store Customer feedback shows that the delivery is organized as quickly as possible. However, you can also meet comments on the incorrect work of the online store.

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In numerous forums where people share their opinions about purchased goods and services, you can find quite conflicting opinions about the online store

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On the one hand, there are positive reviewsabout operational work, fast delivery and high quality of the purchased goods. On the other hand, some buyers tell stories about defective or second-hand equipment, a large delay in delivery after payment and impolite managers.

You can also find information about the action,which not so long ago was held in the online store. The essence of the action was that customers had to leave feedback about the store on "Yandex.Market", and in return receive a bonus for the purchase. Need I say that such reviews are custom-made, and not an objective assessment of the consumer?

In any case, customers are attracted by a lowprice policy store, reviews of which should be carefully examined before buying personal equipment. It is impossible to draw unambiguous conclusions about the work of the store without talking to managers and not having studied the work of the store in person.

Other online electronics stores

In addition to, electronics can be purchased in other well-known online stores. In some of them, the assortment is much wider, and it is possible, in addition to phones, personal computers and various gadgets, to purchase, for example, garden tools, wristwatches, casual clothes and much more. For today, one thing is clear: the number of those who prefer to shop online is steadily growing.

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The main rule when choosing an online storeis to compare the value of goods, terms of payment and delivery. You can make an order only after careful analysis and review of reviews. The main thing is to learn to distinguish reviews of real customers from custom paid reviews, which are created to popularize online stores.

Where to buy the cheapest equipment?

It's no secret that the cheapest equipmenttoday you can buy in China. In addition, the most famous Internet shops runet also order their goods from Chinese manufacturers. Therefore, if you want to save on another purchase, use the popular Chinese shops, where you can find the cheapest offers.

You can place an order in these stores throughintermediaries. However, in this case, you will have to pay a certain percentage of the cost of the goods, which will not differ from the purchase in a regular online store. Therefore, it is much faster and more economical to order the goods yourself, by studying the interface and payment methods for video lessons on the Internet.

Before buying, be sure to read all the reviewsabout the seller and the goods. You can order the equipment only from sellers with a high rating. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting a defective or defective product.

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