How to replenish Yandex.Money through the terminal. To replenish Yandex.Money through the terminal of Sberbank

How to replenish Yandex.Money"? Through the terminal, through dealership offices or by transferring from another purse? This is probably the most common question that arises from the user after he registered in this payment system. Indeed, replenishment of the account is a very important skill, since if you do not have certain knowledge and skills for this case, then the wallet becomes useless. There are a lot of ways to replenish the electronic wallet "Yandex.Money", and we will dwell in detail on only some, basic and simplest.

how to replenish Yandex money through the terminal

What is Yandex generous to us?

The system itself also brings someinstructions on how to replenish the "Yandex" purse. In order to familiarize yourself with the various ways of replenishing the account, click on the "Refill" button, which is located directly under your current balance. In the opened link you can see several categories related to payment. It can be:

  • bank card;
  • availability;
  • e-currency;
  • prepaid card.

But then we will dwell on how to pay Yandex.Money through the terminal. This is the most popular and uncomplicated way to send money to the system.

We replenish Yandex.Money through the Kiwi terminal

Now you are unlikely to find a person who neverI did not see what the terminal looks like, or does not know how to use it. The ability to replenish your electronic wallet through the terminal is now supported by many similar devices. The difference between them, perhaps, only in the amount of commission fee and in the timing of the payment, although most machines allow you to throw money instantly. If you think how to replenish Yandex.Money through the terminal, then everything is extremely simple. All that is required of you is to remember the number of your electronic wallet. How to do it?

pay Yandex money through the terminal

Algorithm of your actions when using the terminal

  1. Select "Payment for services" on the terminal display.
  2. Then go to the section "E-commerce" or "Internet".
  3. Click on the "Yandex.Money" icon.
  4. In the column "Account number", specify the purse number (usually it consists of 15 digits), using the digital touch keyboard on the right.
  5. After the terminal's response, insert the amount that you want to transfer to the bill acceptor.
  6. Check the entered data. If they are correct, click the "Next" button at the bottom of the display.
  7. If you make a mistake while entering data, select the operation "Back" and repeat the set of digits of the account.
  8. Wait for the receipt to be printed and save it until the funds are credited to the account.

Thus, you can pay for "Yandex" purse from the terminal Qiwi or from any other terminal.

Transfer through Sberbank

If you want to make a money transfer from a bankcards of the Savings Bank, here you will be helped by special terminals located in the vestibules of bank branches. If you want to pay Yandex.Money through the Sberbank terminal, it will be useful to learn that such machines do not accept cash, but, as a rule, such transactions are not levied on the commission. This operation is in many respects similar to other financial transfers from your plastic card and should not cause difficulties. We will tell in more detail how to replenish Yandex.Money through the Sberbank terminal.

  1. Yandex money through the terminal of the Savings Bank
    Insert the card into the terminal and enter your personal secret PIN.
  2. Go to the section "Payments and transfers".
  3. In the page that opens on the terminal screen, select the "Payment for services" item, and then click "Next".
  4. In the next section, click on the button "Electronic money", then immediately on the "Next" button, which, as a rule, is located at the bottom of the display.
  5. In the list of electronic payment systems, select the item you need, in this case it will be Yandex.Money.
  6. Enter your account number in the box that appears.fifteen digits without quotes, dashes and parentheses. Please check the validity of the entered data. If the correct set is selected, click the "Next" link.
  7. If you entered the number incorrectly, you can repeat the input by pressing the "Retype Input" button.
  8. Indicate by numbers the amount of money that youwish to transfer to the selected electronic wallet. Attention: it must be at least the minimum amount specified on the display! In Russia, for example, the minimum amount of transfer to "Yandex" -wallets is 10 rubles.
  9. Once again, check the information you entered, and if they are correct, click on the "Pay" appeared.
  10. If for any reason you decide not to transfer money from your card, click on the "Cancel" button (it is on the ATM itself).
  11. When making a payment, be sure to collect the check and do not discard it until the funds appear on the account.

to replenish Yandex money through the terminal

What should I do if the money does not appear on my account after payment?

We told how to replenish Yandex.Money through the terminals of Qiwi and Sberbank. But not always the payment finds its addressee. What if your funds are "lost"?

This is most often due to incorrectspecified account number or purse. Be sure to check these numbers several times and keep a check about the payment! If you do not find a refilled balance, check again with the check and account number. After that, contact Sberbank customer support or the terminal through which you made the transfer. His number is easy to find in the contact information on the check receipt. It is also indicated on the terminal. Help in this case and appeal to the bank (if, of course, you transferred money to the purse from the card).

Other ways to replenish the account on "Yandex"

In addition to transferring through a terminal or ATMthere are other methods of replenishing the electronic wallet. These include dealers' offices, standard money transfer systems (for example, Unistream), activation of prepaid cards.

Yandex money through kiwi terminal
Also, you can always transfer money to"Yandex" is an account from another electronic wallet, registered, for example, in the Webmoney system or any other available to you. This payment system is convenient for a large selection of various functions and ways of replenishing the account. This attracts users of Yandex.Money most often, since people value convenience and comfort highly.

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