How do I delete a comment in "Classmates"? Answer here

Social network "Classmates" created to communicate and search for their schoolfriends, colleagues, classmates. Dozens of millions of people visit the popular runet network. There are a lot of functions here: instant messaging, photo placement, community creation, the ability to run games and so on. Frequently there are questions on the forums, for example, how to delete a comment in "Classmates", make or remove a gift, questions about the main page and so on.

how to delete a comment in classmates
This social network in circulation is notpresents difficulties. "My page" in the classroom is a window in which you see your photo, data about the name, name, age, place of residence, menu items and the wall, which shows the actions of your friends. The menu items speak for themselves: under your photo - the settings of your page; The above displays messages, discussions, visits to your page, scores of photos, statuses, and music and videos. You can use the function "decorate your page" and decorate it in a certain style, choosing the theme you like. At once under the data about you it is possible to look through friends, photos, groups in which you consist, publications on page. When you click the More tab, a series of buttons opens. There are "Gifts", "Forum", "Holidays", "Bookmarks" and so on. These buttons open the windows, which reflect all the events in which you took part. When one of the friends marks an event, there is always an alert and an offer to make a gift. This is very convenient, since it is impossible to miss it, you can congratulate you on time with a message or make a gift.

how to remove gifts in classmates
The "Gifts" tab keeps your friends presented to youand administration of social network stickers. These are pictures that are attached to your photo a certain amount of time. When a gift arrives, in notifications you see a message, and a sticker - in your photo on the page.

How to remove gifts? In "Classmates" everything is simple - move the mouse cursor over the sticker and you will see the sender of the gift, as well as the option "to make the same gift" and "delete". Choose and delete. You can delete all gifts by hovering over the sticker in the "Gifts" tab.

Sometimes it happens that you need to delete youra comment. This can be done in the menu item "Discussions", which are divided into yours and those in which you participated. How do I delete a comment in "Classmates"? If you wrote a comment in the discussion of your record or photo incorrectly, or you just do not like it, you want to write something different, then you can delete it. To do this, click on your message and the "delete" option appears.

my page
How to delete a comment in "Classmates",who made friends in your topic? Similarly: select a comment that does not suit you, and click delete. You also leave messages in the discussions of your friends. How do I delete a comment in "Classmates" in this case? Your comments in discussions can only be deleted by your friends who created this topic. The messages that participate in this discussion can only be complained of as spam. With everything you can figure out using such a cheat sheet. Have a nice chat online!

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