How to increase the number of page views

First of all, the more peopleflipping through the pages of the site, the more advertising materials can be shown to him and the more likely that visitors will go to the advertised website and thereby bring profit to the site.

From the article you will learn what is Page views? Why should this parameter be increased? How to do it practically? What happens if there are not enough views?

What is the number of pageviews

It is understood that the visitor who came tosite, does not leave after reading one article, but begins to flipping through the web pages and studying the content in large volumes. The account goes for one session - from entering the site before going back to the search or closing the browser.

How important is the number of pages viewed per session after the session

From the point of view of modern SEO, if a person has viewed just one page, this could mean:

1. The user quickly managed to find all the answers to his questions and was completely satisfied. And this is good for the search engine - the site page showed high relevance, one of the most influential factors of search engine promotion.

2. The second case - the user did not find answers to the questions on the landing page, and visiting the site turned out to be a waste of time and Internet traffic. Very bad. The search engine will say that this is not a site for people. This is not the place in the top 10, if you please with your page on the 101st kilometer of issue. The resource is deprived of visitors and opportunities to earn money on the Internet. And although search engine algorithms take into account many factors before evaluating the landing page relevance, in any case, if a certain percentage of visitors read more than one page during a visit, this is an obvious sign that people are interested in the information published on the site. That is, the site has high-quality, interesting and useful content. When the inhabitant of a communal apartment comes home and, with no health, locks in his room and sits there like an owl, at his computer - this is called low social activity. And it can also mean that in the communal flat there is simply nothing to talk about and with no one.

In the epoch of linkless ranking, the mainBehavioral factors became the criterion of site quality. It's like that with a communal apartment. If visitors actively wander through the pages of the site, this means that the site motivates people to be active, that people can have fun on this site. And that they can multiply their pleasure by looking through many pages.


  • The more pages viewed during a session, the higher the PF.
  • The higher the FS - the higher the position on the SERP page.
  • The higher the position - the more attendance. The more money the owner of the site earns. Increase the number of views you need to develop an online business.

Ways to increase the number of page views

Technical SEO in this case does not always help. The most popular bloggers, whose pages are read and reread by dozens, often have, surprisingly, gray sites, low page load speed and, in general, poor design. Not to mention that there is no special interactivity and functionality there. Another thing, an online store. There is nothing to read there, so the technical part should be perfected. Although the online store just a large number of page views and not necessary - the sooner a visitor buys goods, the better the PF and the more profitable for business. So not all resources are useful for many crossings on the site.

  • It all starts with the speed of the site's download. If the site is slow, most of the potential visitors will go away and will not view any page at all.
  • Nice design. Here everything is clear - they meet people on clothes. No one is interested in reading even the best novels of the classics in a dirty pigsty.
  • Relevance and quality, usefulness of content. Only by deciding on the input page of your problem in full, the user can become fired by the desire to expand their knowledge by visiting other pages. Especially important relevance - the lack of a specific answer to the search query people perceive as a deception and a scam, and from such dangerous places instinctively want to quickly hide.
  • The presence of internal linking. After a quality article, several links to similar materials, where a person can get additional useful information on the topic of his query in the search.
  • The fifth and most important moment is the popularity of the brand. Unleash your brand, and then there will not only be many views and returns, but also extensive comments. And the fans have a desire to explore the site of his idol from cover to cover.

Attempts to get a person to navigate through the pages by technical tricks will most often be caused only by irritation and blacklisting of the resource, so as not to fall into the trap any more.

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