Fabulous Pottermore: a test for the faculty and a magic wand

The tale of Harry Potter is one of the most importantworks of our era. The author of books about the miracle boy, JK Rowling, created a whole magical world, from which one does not want to return to everyday life. It is to immerse yourself in miracles with your head, and there is a Pottermore site.

pottermore faculty test

The magic around us

Joan Rowling herself takes an active part in thelife of the site. For example, you can not find some facts about heroes available on the site in books. The writer puts on the site elements of the history of the world of magicians, more details reveal the fate and character of the characters.

This is not only an encyclopedia of the universe of the worldHarry Potter, but all kinds of interactive for visitors. How do you get a Pottermore test on the faculty? And choose a magic wand for your character? And to determine your patron spirit - patronus?

Back to school: settling in on Pottermore

First of all, be prepared for the fact thatThis resource is written exclusively in English. But in the modern world this should no longer be a big problem. Of course, there are fans who translate articles and notes from the site into Russian. But in the original language, reading is always more interesting. Experience on yourself one of the entertaining opportunities Pottermore - distribution of faculties. You will be asked to pass the test almost immediately after registration. You can go it right away or at first wander through the colorful pages of the site.

 test for faculty at the Hogwarts pottermore

On Pottermore, the faculty test plays a roleDistributing Hats. Depending on your personal qualities, the selected answers, you will be the representative of one of the four faculties: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. In the Russian translation, the latter two are also known as Kogtevran and Puffenduy respectively. Further, you will be told, or rather, will be offered to read about your faculty (its history, founder, outstanding representatives, symbolism, patron saint) Moreover, you will be offered to download wallpaper for your desktop, showing your belonging to the faculty - they depict iconic animals: green-silver snake for Slytherin, red-yellow lion for Gryffindor, yellow-black badger for Hufflepuff and blue-bronze eagle for Ravenclaw.

Distribution in Ilvermorny - American analogue of Hogwarts

You are given the opportunity to pass more than oneA test for the faculty at Hogwarts. Pottermore now includes distribution in Ilvermorny. If you are a fan of the world of Harry Potter, then, of course, have already seen the film "Fantastic creatures and where they dwell" and you know that Ilvermorny is a school of magic in America. So far, little is known about it - in seven books, it is never mentioned at all. However, thanks to Pottermore, the test for the Ilvermorny Faculty gives an idea of ​​the structure of this magical school. The faculties in Ilvermorny are four, as in Hogwarts, and each is under the auspices of the magic totem creature: Pickwiji (Pakwije, Pukwuji) is a small eared creature that inhabits the swamps, the Horned Snake, the Stormy Pet (Thunderbird in some translations) and the Wampus a big wild cat that looks like a panther).

pottermore distribution in faculties test

We select a magic wand

On Pottermore, the faculty test is not the only onethe opportunity to learn about yourself is something new. The site will also offer you a magic wand. Yes, and they can also have certain parameters: the length and material of which the stick is made. It is believed that the length of most sticks is standard - about 12-13 inches, but materials of manufacture sometimes differ incredible exclusivity. The outer part, as a rule, is made of wood, but the core always contains a magic element. Inside, the wand may have a dragon vein, a phoenix feather, a unicorn hair and so on. Thanks to this "stuffing" this artifact acquires a certain character: in books it is mentioned several times that a wizard does not choose a wand, and a wand is a wizard.

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