Where is the link to the exchange in "Steam"? Help a young trader

Steam is the largest trading platform,providing its users with licensed software and games. In recent years, "Steam" has grown so much that now more like a social network. The ability to interact with other users, communicate in written and voice chats, relevant topics - all this is on Steam. What is there, in the "Steam" even have the opportunity to exchange virtual things, games, etc. However, in order to make trades, you need to have a special link to the exchange. Where is the link to the exchange in "Steam", what is it - the answers to these and many other questions you can find in this article.

Exchange in "Steam"

Exchange is one of the main functions in "Steam". What can be exchanged on a site that provides a variety of software? Of course, virtual things. For a long time we wanted to get yourself, for example, GTA 5, but you did not have money? No problem. Just find the person who has it, and exchange with it. And maybe you urgently need a set for the Puja? And it does not matter. In "Steam" there are thousands of traders who are ready to give it to you in exchange for something valuable.

Where is the link to the exchange in Steam?

The exchange function brings huge benefits to the gamecommunity. Thanks to it, players get the desired things, and some earn good money, arranging profitable trades for themselves. After all, all you need to do is to trade - a unique link for exchanging Steam. What it is? Where is the link to the exchange in "Steam"? We will talk about this in this article.

Link for Exchange (Steam)

Unique link for Steam exchange

A syllable for exchange is necessary in order toto make off-trades. That is, using it, you can exchange offline. What are the advantages of trading through a link? First, you do not have to add a trader with whom you want to make an exchange, as friends. Secondly, you can send an exchange offer, even if the user is not online. It is very convenient. After all, when he goes to "Steam" next time, he will receive a notification about your offer, and the user will be able to accept or reject it.

So, as you understand, off-trade has a lotadvantages. But in order to use it, you need to have a special link. Want to find out where the link to the exchange is in "Steam"? Read on.

Where is the link to the exchange in "Steam"?

The reference to the off-trade is unique andissued to everyone at the registration. To find out your link, you must first log into your account in the Steam client. We go to the "Inventory" and see the button "Exchange offers". We click on it and see that we were transferred to the menu of off-trades. It is here that all exchanges in offline mode will come to you. On the right you can see columns with different sections. Click on "Who can send me offers about the exchange?" We pass to a new page and turn it down. There will be our cherished link. It looks like this:

Now when the trader moves to us on thislink, he will have the opportunity to offer us some things. We ourselves can not follow this link. You can also change the link at any time. For example, if you published your link and no longer want to receive suggestions on it, you can change it. When creating a new link, the old one is deactivated and will become inactive.


Link for Steam

Exchange is one of the main functions in "Steam",It helps users to get new games, cards, items, etc. The best way to trade is to exchange using a special link. Using it, you do not have to add a trader to your friends and you will have to send exchange offers to users who are not on the network. To use off-trade, you need to know your unique link to the exchange. You can find it in the section called "Exchange offers".

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