How to become more popular in Instagram? What does popularity depend on in Instagram?

The Internet can be compared to an epidemic thatstruck most of the earth's population. Boys and girls spend a lot of time on social networks, sharing news and bright images with each other. Today, the best service for the exchange of photos and videos is considered to be the Instagram. The application has become so popular that when you query Google for the letter "and", users will be offered the first pages with this program.

How it all began…

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Instagram is usually classified asapplications, through which people can share their bright photos for free in a matter of seconds. The service was created in 2010 by American programmers Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. During the first two years of operation, thirty million users were registered, who shared several hundred million images. In 2012, the owners of the company Facebook bought the game. The deal cost a billion dollars.

How do I get an account?

The registration procedure in Instagram is extremelysimple, and it's done via a mobile device - a free version is available in the Apple Store or Play Market. Full installation of the application does not take more than two minutes. When you enter the main page, you need to choose the way of registration - via e-mail or "Facebook". To specify a name, you must use the Latin alphabet, numbers, underscore, and period. Enter a strong password, phone number, come up with your login and upload a background photo. A letter with registration will come to an email in a few seconds, after which you can easily find your friends. Periodically you will be recommended the most interesting pages, where you will see the most popular photos in Instagram.

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Distribution around the world

The popularity of the application can be determined byseveral criteria. According to the number of downloads in Russia in 2013, Instagram took seventh place, and according to a survey on the GlobalWebIndex website the service found itself three positions lower, behind Facebook, Youtube and Skype.

The application is available in almost thirty languages, thatallows using it in many countries of the world, including Greece, Denmark, Indonesia and Thailand. By the middle of the spring of 2014, two hundred million users were registered in the photo service. Thanks to numerous awards, Instagram attracts an increasing number of smartphone owners. The application is enjoyed by show business stars, politicians and other interesting people who share with their subscribers bright photos of cities, pets, performances or exotic food.

What is "Selfie", or how to photograph yourself correctly

Today, most teenagers are tryingto capture every day in the picture. A professional photo shoot requires a lot of time and expensive equipment. Since this is not available to everyone, most often young people take pictures using a mobile phone. Photos can be made on the main camera in a mirror image or on the front. Popular girls in Instagram, in addition to their cute face, often photograph themselves in a semi-nude, attracting more subscribers to the page. Beauty from Russia Svetlana Bilyalova was able to collect almost 1.5 million people on her page. She puts the best pictures every day at home, in the car and in the gym.

The right place is the key to successphotos, even as simple as selfies. If you want to attract more subscribers to your page, try to make original pictures against the background of nature, with exotic plants and outlandish animals. One clever woman thought of for several days in a row to draw interesting pictures on the mirror and began to photograph herself with them. The original idea was highly appreciated, and the images instantly flew all over the Internet. If you have long thought about how to become more popular in Instagram, be smart and start making exclusive photos.

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Data Security

By selecting the Instagram application for sharingimages and videos, users enter their phone number, which remains hidden to unauthorized persons. Photographs by default are visible to all account holders, and if desired, anyone can restrict access to their page. At the end of 2012 Instagram made some changes to the rules of the user agreement, because of which almost 25% of users lost. In the innovations it was felt that the owners of the service have the right to use all photos and video materials of users for any purpose.

Vulnerability of information in Instagram - the reason forwhich people are afraid to publish personal data. When using a wi-fi router any attacker can intercept all viewed images and find out the login and password from the account. Popular people in the Instagram, going into the application via a mobile device with an Android operating system, run the risk of permanently losing access due to inferior encryption of data.

Creativity is the first step to popularity

Calen Holmont is an ordinary artist fromNew York, which since 2012 has a blog, which shares interesting ideas with readers. He cuts out pictures from newspapers and magazines and photographs them in real time against the background of nature, in the subway or in a cafe. On the most striking art ideas of Hollomon, one can find a clipping of a charming model looking out of the garbage bin shaving in the subway guy, Justin Bieber, posing against the background of two half-naked men.

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Who owns the most popular Instagrams in Russia?

Western applications on mobile phonesenjoy low demand in the countries of the former Soviet Union, so show business stars often remain unknown outside their homeland. The interest of Russians attracts more creativity of American artists. Philip Kirkorov has not yet managed to recruit two hundred thousand subscribers, although he tries to upload new photos and videos every day.

The most popular Instagram in Russia belongs toTV host Ksenia Borodina and Anton Lukoyanov, who have more than one million subscribers. Victoria Bonya often places pictures without make-up, thanks to which the fans were convinced of her true beauty. Dmitry Medvedev's news in the Instagram is monitored by half a million people, when there is six times as much behind Barack Obama, which once again proves a genuine interest in foreign politicians.

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Hit parade of the most popular pages in Instagram in the West

A few years ago to find news about your belovedpolitics or the artist was possible only through the mass media. Paparazzi hunted down show business stars and made unique photos. Today people from the screen themselves willingly upload pictures from all their performances, holidays and family celebrations. The most popular pages in Instagrams belong to the stars of show business and politicians. The number of their subscribers reaches several million, but is it so easy to please all fans and smarten up for new photos every day?

Canadian musician Justin Bieber leads thenumber of followers, which will soon be over twenty million. The second place is proudly taken by Kim Kardashian, who daily pleases her fans with new ones from fashion parties. The next two positions belong to the African-American singers Rihanna and Beyonce. Chloe and Courtney Kardashian do not lag behind Kim, and by the number of subscribers they overtake outrageous singer Nicky Minage. By the way, Angelina Jolie certainly does not think about how to become more popular in Instagram, so it's not so often spreading new pictures, proving once again that she has more important things to do.

Why does Justin Bieber have so many subscribers?

A Canadian musician in just a few years has becomethe most popular performer in the style of pop and r & b. A talented teenager has a strong voice and plays on several musical instruments, thanks to which he successfully competes with experienced show business stars.

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The secret of Justin Bieber's popularity lies in thehis love for the public and his fans. The young artist daily shares photos with his subscribers from his speeches or from other vivid events. Justin for a long time does not think about how to become more popular in Instagram and simply uploads each of his new photos, attracting the attention of the girls. The singer often had stressful situations associated with the excessive attention of the fans who threatened his ex-girlfriend Selene Gomez, and the reason for this - the attractiveness of Bieber.

Kim Kardashian decided to get rich on selfies

On what only acts do not go socialite lionesses,to once again appear in the press. Kardashian sisters are the most popular in Instagram, but they have not been removed for a long time in television projects, so one of them decided to draw the attention of the press by other tricks. After numerous articles about her allegedly fictitious marriage with Kanye West, notes began to appear that the American star is about to release a book of her best self-portraits entitled "Selfish Kim." Telediva actively conducts activities in Instagram and every day pleases its fans with new pictures, so the question may arise whether the collection of her photo will be so popular when anyone can see Kardashian in her personal profile? Judging by the signed contract with the popular publishing house, Kim's idea should be realized soon, and a book worth $ 20 will surely find its customers.

Briefly about the main thing: how to become more popular in Instagram?

Since the first days of creating an account in InstagramThink about how often you will fill it with your selfies. If you do not have the opportunity to devote too much time to this lesson, give the photo sessions at least an hour and lay out one creation each day. Finding subscribers is not an easy task, especially if you are an ordinary student or a student with a small circle of contacts.

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Popularity in Instagrams depends not only onthe number of photos and fans, but also on your activity. Subscribe to the stars of show business and comment on their photos, put "likes" on pictures of people you do not know and receive reciprocal sympathy. A convenient "tags" function will allow unauthorized users to quickly find your creations. In order to attract more visitors to the page, do not post explicit photos or home video - leave a link to your profile in popular social networks, and your personage is sure to be interested.

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